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Racism is “particularly pertinent” for aid organisations, a report looking at racism in the aid sector has found.
Posted: 23/06/22
One in five donors, who are struggling to cope with rising inflation, have stopped giving altogether and six in ten are being more selective or giving less.
Posted: 24/6/22
A focus of charity initiatives at the iconic music festival this year is on raising awareness about climate change issues.
Posted: 23/6/22
Poor pay is among a raft of reasons why young disadvantaged people are shunning a charity sector career.
Posted: 22/6/22
In the latest edition of Secret CEO, a CEO and founder of a small charity talks about the daunting task of becoming a people manager for the first time.
Posted: 20/06/22
Further concerns have been raised over a failure to provide information around £1.87m of spending, said the Insolvency Service.
Posted: 21/6/22
"We know we have fallen short both in culture and processes," admits the charity.
Posted: 20/6/22
Residents of Brighton are among the most likely in the UK to leave a gift to a charity in their will.
Posted: 17/6/22
A senior civil servant should be appointed to champion philanthropy across Whitehall and “help unlock billions in extra giving”, according to the proposal.
Posted: 16/6/22
The charity sector is facing a recruitment crisis, here, Angela Cairns, CEO of Unlock, argues that it’s missing out on a whole host of recruits due to unnecessary, and often unlawful, criminal record checks.
Posted: 15/06/22
Business class travel, five-star hotel stays and a significant salary hike for the religious charity’s leaders took place following the property deal.
Posted: 15/6/22
Paul Farmer is stepping down as chief executive of Mind after 16 years to lead Age UK.
Posted: 14/6/22
Barnardo's and Cancer Research UK are among charities already investing in ways to improve donors' experience of giving.
Posted: 14/6/22
The changes aim to make “more detailed, richer information about the sector available”, says Charity Commission chair Helen Stephenson.
Posted: 13/6/22
"Lack of diversity in public appointments is part of a litany of failures" to tackle discrimination in the charity sector, say campaigners.
Posted: 10/6/22
"It still doesn’t feel like reaching minority communities as supporters is a priority in the sector," a charity researcher is warning.
Posted: 9/6/22
Online tribute and in-memory fundraising by charity supporters has grown by 46% over the last 12 months.
Posted: 8/6/22
The charity reveals who will lead its board from October.
Posted: 8/6/22
“Even under new leadership there appears to be no organisational desire to meaningfully change," says Refuge about the Chartered Institute of Fundraising.
Posted: 6/6/22
Among leaders recognised is Safia Jama, the chief executive and founder of East London based charity Women’s Inclusive Team.
Posted: 6/6/22
Almost half of charity workers have rarely or never changed their work passwords, highlighting significant security risks within the sector, research has found.
Posted: 01/06/22
Virtual events platform, Fundraising Everywhere, has declined to work with the Chartered Institute of Fundraising on its annual fundraising convention after it accused the body of “taking advantage” without making improvements to access.
Posted: 31/05/22
Posted: 31/05/22
Posted: 31/05/21
The British Heart Foundation (BHF) has launched a new equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) strategy with the aim of "igniting change".
Posted: 30/05/22
Community groups also warn that the financial impact of the cost of living crisis is now "worse than Covid".
Posted: 27/5/22
"We are working tirelessly to find a way to get the relevant social media companies to act," says the charity.
Posted: 26/5/22
Environmentalists, MPs and scientists have signed a letter to the Charity Commission calling for Global Warming Policy Foundation to have its charitable status removed.
Posted: 25/5/22
A former safeguarding lead was charged by police following an "altercation" involving an imitation firearm at the education charity's site, where police later found £400,000 in cash.
Posted: 24/5/22
Round the clock support for staff and access to an independent hotline to report concerns, are among measures being taken by the National Lottery Community Fund.
Posted: 23/5/22
Online advertising was impacted for months at the charity due to the mix up.
Posted: 20/5/22
Charities running food banks, helping children and supporting people's mental health are most at risk of an "alarming spike" in demand, experts are warning.
Posted: 19/5/22
Being investigated is how charities can improve their power structures to better combat inequality, racism and prejudice.
Posted: 18/5/22
The growth in online activity has many benefits for charities, but it doesn’t come without a few problems.
Posted: 17/05/22
“For too long we have been a charity which has essentially let any beneficiary ‘get away’ with being racist or abusive to our staff," said a safeguarding lead at a charity adopting a zero-tolerance stance on racism.
Posted: 17/5/22
We look at a week in the life of Hanuman Dass, Chairman of Go Dharmic, a small humanitarian charity based on propagating the Hindu idea of Dharma - a world where individuals can come together to create positive change in their lives and their communities.
Posted: 16/05/22
An inquiry is looking at whether the charity is viable given sanctions imposed on three of its trustees relating to Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Posted: 16/5/22
"Deborah has been an inspiration and her honesty, warmth and courage has been a source of strength to so many people," said Prime Minister Boris Johnson.
Posted: 13/5/22
Posted: 13/5/22
Posted: 13/5/22
Five charities awarded £1m government funding last year to tackle bullying in schools are to see their grants doubled.
Posted: 13/5/22
Charities are urged to do more to promote legacy giving among younger people.
Posted: 12/5/22
How to support communities who may be left behind due to the rise in digital services.
Posted: 10/05/22
Concerns are also raised in the charity sector over a "systematic gutting" of legal protections.
Posted: 10/5/22
"Our deep condolences are with his family and friends at this incredibly difficult time," says the homelessness charity.
Posted: 10/5/22
Richard Mayhew, The Nazareth Trust’s CEO, shares a week in his life, where he visits the charity’s operations in Israel.
Posted: 09/05/22
Trustees are currently “not inclusive of all people and communities”, according to sector group Vision for Volunteering.
Posted: 9/5/22
As the Ukraine crisis escalates, charitable organisations are stepping up in incredible numbers to help those in need. Melissa Moody speaks to the Disasters Emergency Committee's (DEC) CEO, Saleh Saeed about the charity's work, the necessity of collaboration, and leading through a crisis.
Posted: 06/05/22
“Trans-inclusive feminism is central to our ethos” says the charity, which runs rape crisis support services.
Posted: 6/5/22
Jude McCorry, CEO of the Scottish Business Resilience Centre, gives her top cyber resilience tips for the charity sector.
Posted: 05/05/22
Posted: 5/5/22
A judging panel, headed by former NCVO chair Martyn Lewis, will select the 20 recipients of the award.
Posted: 5/5/22
In a raft of areas of cyber security charity leaders are lagging behind their counterparts in the public and private sectors.
Posted: 4/5/22
Posted: 03/05/22
Failures to address concerns have prompted the regulator to launch a statutory inquiry into the charity.
Posted: 28/4/22
Frontline medical aid charity UK-Med is to receive funding and medical supplies to help emergency health services in Ukraine.
Posted: 27/4/22
Proceeds from the painting's sale will be used to set up a fund to support charities in Scotland.
Posted: 26/4/22
The charities are the latest to be investigated by the regulator following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Posted: 25/4/22
The UK charity sector will lose the equivalent value of 49 million donations in 2022, around £1.3bn, due to cyber-attacks, research has found.
Posted: 22/04/22
The Fundraising Regulator has unveiled changes to the Fundraising Preference Service (FPS), the tool that allows people to stop direct marketing communications from charities.
Posted: 22/04/22
Posted: 21/04/22
The Charity Commission has opened a compliance case into The Actors’ Benevolent Fund after concerns were raised about its governance.
Posted: 20/04/22
A new online discussion board for charity leaders has launched today (20 April).
Posted: 20/04/22
Ian McLintock, founder of the Charity Excellence Framework talks through some of the ways you can better support staff, even if you have a small budget.
Posted: 19/04/22
Anonymous accounts calling out bad sector practices seem to be popping up almost daily, suggesting change is in the air. The brain behind @CrapRecruitment talks about why these accounts are needed and why now is the time.
Posted: 13/04/22
Sylvia Lancaster campaigned to tackle prejudice following the murder of her daughter Sophie 15 years ago.
Posted: 13/4/22
Former senior Alzheimer's Research UK staffer Jade Rolph is one of two new directors at the charity.
Posted: 13/4/22
“It’s clearer than ever that we no longer need as much space," says the charity's CEO Caroline Rassell.
Posted: 12/4/22
The Covid pandemic and cost of living crisis has led to “an immediate cash flow crisis”, says the Jubilee Sailing Trust.
Posted: 11/4/22
Matthew Dimbylow represented Great Britain in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics.
Posted: 11/4/22
"As the largest funder of community activity in the UK we know this is what our communities expect," says the funder's CEO David Knott.
Posted: 8/4/22
Three quarters of people in parts of the UK are not claiming tax relief on donations.
Posted: 6/4/22
Despite "some improvements” since last year “significant progress is required”, an independent inquiry has found.
Posted: 5/4/22
The We Move: Youth Social Action Fund has been launched this week via BBC Radio 1Xtra.
Posted: 5/4/22
MPs said that Orlando Fraser's selection to chair the regulator was "slapdash and unimaginative".
Posted: 4/4/22
The increased use of digital wallets comes amid a decline in the use of direct debits among regular donors.
Posted: 4/4/22
Posted: 4/4/22
Six in ten people plan to cut back on discretionary spending on non essential items over the next six months.
Posted: 1/4/22
Sector bodies have released statements condemning the choice not to rerun the process for the Charity Commission chair after DCMS’ decision not to support the appointment of Orlando Fraser.
Posted: 31/03/22
“Such a slapdash and unimaginative approach to his recruitment means we cannot formally endorse his appointment,” MPs have said.
Posted: 31/03/22
The Picture Yourself Active image library is encouraging charities to show realistic depictions of later life and disability.
Posted: 31/3/22
Robin Hewings, programme director at the Campaign to End Loneliness talks about what the scarring effect of loneliness arising out of Covid means for charities working with some of the UK’s most disadvantaged groups.
Posted: 30/03/22
Charities including Shelter have signed up and Brain Tumour Research and Crisis are looking to trial the platform later this year.
Posted: 30/3/22
"Charities should not be misused as a vehicle to express an individual’s political views,” says the Charity Commission.
Posted: 28/3/22
The Charity Commission is “concerned that the charity’s assets may now be at risk”.
Posted: 25/3/22
The world of legacies is changing fast, here Rob Cope, director of Remember a Charity explains how smaller charities are making sure they get a piece of the legacy pie too.
Posted: 24/03/22
The new prospective Charity Commission chair Orlando Fraser has denied that the government will have any influence in the regulator, saying: “I wouldn’t have the charity commission being the arm of the government.”
Posted: 24/03/22
Charities have expressed their disappointment over the announcements made in today’s (22 March) Spring Statement.
Posted: 23/03/22
We round up our top 10 tips for more a more inclusive recruitment strategy.
Posted: 22/03/22
The action has been taken after three of the charity's trustees became subject to financial sanctions following Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Posted: 21/3/22
The call comes after the Gambling Commission announced that Camelot will no longer run the National Lottery.
Posted: 21/3/22
The Prime Minister is a patron of the charity involved, whose trustees include former Charity Commission candidate Martin Thomas.
Posted: 17/3/22
Charity donations increased by almost a third (32%) during the week following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.
Posted: 17/3/22
With more and more charities looking at ways of attracting young people into the sector, Career Ready CEO Tokunbo Ajasa-Oluwa looks at how paid internships can secure this talent
Posted: 16/03/22
CEO welfare should be "a key concern of an organisation’s board," a report has warned.
Posted: 16/3/22
We take a look at ways the sector can support the Ukrainian people.
Posted: 15/03/22
Charity sector divided over the government's plans to support people and organisations to sponsor Ukrainian refugees.
Posted: 15/3/22
Former deputy leader of the House of Commons Barbara Keeley spent three years as a consultant for the charity Princess Royal Trust for Carers.
Posted: 14/3/22
Projects to benefit range from recycling schemes to community gardens.
Posted: 14/3/22
Posted: 11/3/22
The Charity Commission removed one such charity from the register this week and is investigating several others.
Posted: 11/3/22
Ed Mayo, chief executive of Pilotlight, questions the necessity of professionalism in certain contexts
Posted: 10/03/22
Charity leaders are “disappointed that the government has not taken this opportunity to appoint a person with full political independence”.
Posted: 10/3/22
Her appointment follows a four-month recruitment process that attracted more than 200 candidates.
Posted: 9/3/22
Lynn Perry takes on the role after more than 13 years with the children's charity.
Posted: 9/3/22
To celebrate International Women’s Day (8 March) we’re highlighting some of the names of the incredible women who are making a huge difference to the charity sector.
Posted: 8/03/22
“Different backgrounds within a trustee board can challenge old behaviours and bring new ideas," says the report.
Posted: 8/3/22
Only four in ten Conservative MPs trust charities to provide services reliably and on budget, a survey of 700 politicians and civil servants has found.
Posted: 7/3/22
The UN estimates that four million people, around a tenth of the population, could flee.
Posted: 4/3/22
The situation in Russia following its invasion of Ukraine is set to put charities "under increasing pressure", says the Charity Commission.
Posted: 3/2/22
As part of our work on Charity Times, we regularly like to put together lists highlighting some of the fantastic work going on within the sector – from pandemic pioneers to the social media influencers of the sector. Below, we’ve linked all the lists to make it easier for you to access.
Posted: 02/03/22
The minute's silence will take place during an online event on 11 March.
Posted: 2/3/22
The club's owner Roman Abramovich announced the plan amid growing global condemnation of Russia's invasion of Ukraine.
Posted: 1/3/22
A report warns that an increase in small charities involved in mergers “may well be symptomatic of ongoing financial pressures”.
Posted: 28/2/22
We look at the latest grants available to charities to help them better support their beneficiaries.
Posted: 24/02/22
The payment to the charity has been made as part of a deal the firm has agreed with the Environment Agency.
Posted: 23/2/22
“Many organisations will be unable to sustain the capacity, expertise and infrastructure that currently support places and communities," says the NCVO.
Posted: 21/2/22
The move comes weeks after Enthuse was named as digital fundraising partner for the London Marathon.
Posted: 18/2/22
The scandal is already subject to investigations by charity regulators in Scotland and England.
Posted: 16/2/22
"We have emerged as a stronger organisation and will continue to seek compensation," says the charity.
Posted: 16/2/22
The move would help ensure charities can prioritise staff wellbeing and reduce burnout.
Posted: 15/2/22
A recent SkillsPlatform report found that over two thirds of charities now see digital as a priority for their organisation. As not for profits look for ways to be better digital advocates, these are the key trends that will shape the digital fundraising landscape this year, writes Shaf Mansour, not for profit manager at The Access Group.
Posted: 14/02/22
Three in four charity leaders say demand for services has already increased amid the pandemic and 86% anticipate this will continue to rise.
Posted: 14/2/22
As the sector looks to the year ahead, the 360Giving team has shared how they’re starting off the year, how their tools can be used to support charities, and reflections on what’s next for open grants data.
Posted: 11/02/22
There was “no dishonesty, bad faith, or inappropriate personal gain” in the former trustees’ operation of the charity, says the Charity Commission.
Posted: 10/2/22
NCVO and ACEVO want flexible working to be “the default position for employment in the sector”.
Posted: 10/2/22
"We appreciate this will be disappointing news," says BBC Children in Need, which is distributing the funding.
Posted: 9/2/22
We look at the benefits and pitfalls for charities in using NFTs (non-fungible tokens).
Posted: 8/2/22
Campaigners have raised concerns over the environmental impact of the charity's use of blockchain technology in its fundraising.
Posted: 4/2/22
Organisers want to work with between eight and 12 charities that focus on health, diversity, equality and conservation.
Posted: 4/2/22
However, ministers have rejected Conservative MP Danny Kruger’s recommendation for a passport scheme to match up volunteers with charities.
Posted: 3/2/22
Dormant assets funding for charities and investment in youth and community initiatives are among pledges made by the government.
Posted: 2/2/22
Posted: 2/2/22
The three-year deal will see Enthuse support digital fundraising across London Marathon Events activities.
Posted: 2/2/22
Survey also raises concerns around lack of digital skills in the charity sector.
Posted: 1/2/22
Donor contact needs to be “part of a dialogue in a two-way relationship, rather than an ambush to get a transaction”, charities are warned.
Posted: 31/1/22
“The two former trustees’ misconduct and mismanagement has caused significant losses to the charity and the local community it supported,” says the Charity Commission.
Posted: 31/1/22
Posted: 28/01/21
Ellie Orton, NHS Charities Together CEO, has urged charity leaders to ‘ask for help’ if they need it.
Posted: 28/01/22
The market’s failure to effectively support Black-led organisations is among concerns raised.
Posted: 27/1/22
The emails appear to contradict Boris Johnson's claim last month that it is "nonsense" he had intervened to help the charity.
Posted: 26/1/22
The money is being distributed through the National Lottery Community Fund to help communities reduce their carbon footprint.
Posted: 26/1/22
Nectar Donate gives charities access to the loyalty card’s 18m UK customers.
Posted: 25/1/22
Linda Upson has resigned just days after Charity Times revealed the charity's interim CEO had quit amid governance and cat welfare concerns.
Posted: 24/1/22
A survey of charities has raised questions around the sector’s commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in their recruitment.
Posted: 24/1/22
Increasing staffing costs, rising demand and a reduction in the value of donations are among inflationary issues charities need to urgently tackle.
Posted: 21/1/22
Charles Darley has left three months into his 12-month contract.
Posted: 19/1/22
Posted: 20/1/22
From deploying environment monitoring drones to using augmented reality in the arts, technology is set to play a greater role in charities work over the coming year.
Posted: 19/1/22
The sector body's Road Ahead 2022 report warns of continuing "culture war" threats to charities in the coming months.
Posted: 18/1/22
A focus of the finding will be to support charities tackle the “ongoing effects of the pandemic and assist with recovery”
Posted: 18/1/22
Alex Lochrane is to lead the charity from the end of this month.
Posted: 17/1/22
Research reveals gaps between areas and good causes most in need of support and where funders are targeting grants.
Posted: 14/1/22
Posted: 13/01/22
MPs have been quizzing government officials around last year's failed appointment of Martin Thomas as chair of the regulator.
Posted: 13/1/22
Young people are particularly enthusiastic about helping their local community.
Posted: 12/1/22
Commissioner for Public Appointments William Shawcross is among senior figures to be questioned today by MPs.
Posted: 11/1/22
When the Covid pandemic hit in March 2020, over a million people stepped forward to volunteer for the NHS or local Covid-response and mutual aid groups – the best possible evidence of a widespread national desire to help our neighbours and fellow citizens. But the crisis stubbornly persists – and the many small, local charities that persevere in delivering support for our communities face ongoing and unprecedented difficulties. There are real questions about the ability of many small charities to harness ‘pandemic goodwill’ in order to survive.
Posted: 07/01/22
Charities working to improve access to jobs, training, housing, mobility and leisure in areas of disadvantage are urged to apply for the funding.
Posted: 10/1/22
Deborah Alsina, who was named by Charity Times as one of 25 most influential charity leaders in 2019, takes over as chief executive of Versus Arthritis in March.
Posted: 7/1/22
The link up will see the charity campaign promoted before and during the event, which takes place in the summer.
Posted: 6/1/22
After two weeks of intense media coverage throughout COP26, public interest in sustainability issues has never been higher. Chair of the Chartered Institute of Marketing’s (CIM) charity and social marketing group, Maria Andrews, discusses how charities can capitalise on this interest to thrive in the post-pandemic landscape.
Posted: 05/01/22
Interim chair Ian Karet's term is extended until the end of June after the government's preferred candidate resigned days before taking the post late last year.
Posted: 5/1/22
This year’s list has seen a particular focus on honouring those who supported good causes amid the Covid-19 pandemic, especially young fundraisers.
Posted: 4/1/22
Here we look at some of the key areas of innovation that charity leaders should put on their 2022 to-do list.
Posted: 24/12/21
The Mayor's Fund for London is among charities to benefit from the two-week London Festival.
Posted: 23/12/21
Rising rates of loneliness, escalating prices and a cut in benefits are also putting pressure on small charity services, according to a survey.
Posted: 22/12/21
Posted: 22/12/2021
It’s been a turbulent year for the sector, and 2022 is already shaping up to be interesting too. Below, we’ve asked what some of the sector’s concerns are for the upcoming year.
Posted: 20/12/21
It’s been a long year for the charity sector, with a lot of ups and downs along the way. As we head into 2022, we asked sector leaders to reflect on the last 12 months and share some of their highlights.
Posted: 20/12/21
Scientists including Dame Jane Goodall have contacted international aid charities such as Oxfam, World Vision, Christian Aid and Save the Children.
Posted: 21/12/21
Posted: 21/12/21
Posted: 20/12/21
As 2021 rounds out, senior writer Melissa Moody asked some quick-fire questions to Children’s Society young trustee, Abby, who talks about her motivations for the role and what some of the challenges have been.
Posted: 20/12/21
Questions are being asked around the due diligence process that led to the appointment of Martin Thomas.
Posted: 20/12/21
In a statement on the coalition’s website, it said that the “extremely difficult decision” was taken by the trustees and team after all possibilities to secure funding were taken.
Posted: 17/12/21
The consultation findings follow months of criticism of the sector body's handling of sexual misconduct complaints.
Posted: 17/12/21
Posted: 17/12/21
Posted: 16/12/21
Poor leadership and 'an unhealthy culture' are among reasons for staff to consider leaving.
Posted: 16/12/21
David Welch, CEO of Air Ambulance Charity Kent Surrey Sussex (KSS) and winner of the Charity Times Charity Leader of the Year Award 2021, describes his working week.
Posted: 15/12/21
How does a digital transformation affect charity fundraising?
After an extremely digital couple of years, charities have been forced to adopt new technologies at a rapid pace. For many charities, surviving the pandemic has meant undergoing a fast and efficient digital transformation, simply to exist in a remote world. But what effects has this had on fundraising? And what lessons can charities learn from each other? Lauren Weymouth chats with experts from software provider, Advanced, to find out more.

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