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Posted: 6/2/23
Two charitable organisations supporting people impacted by the spinal condition scoliosis have merged.
Posted: 6/2/23
Foundation group chief executive Paul Kissick concedes that a lack of union recognition at the anti-poverty charity, which launched almost 120 years ago, had been “odd”.
Posted: 3/2/23
Researchers have also revealed fundraisers’ views on crypto currency donations and using artificial intelligence to improve donors' experience of giving.
Posted: 2/2/23
The grants are to be offered through a £5m fund being launched to support youth charities cope with the impact of double digit inflation on their finances.
Posted: 1/2/23
Tech for good company GoodBox has been lifted out of administration after a plan to restructure the business was approved.
Posted: 1/2/23
Match funding platform Big Give is inviting applications from environmental charities to take part in its annual Green Match Fund.
Posted: 31/1/23
The Charity Commission has launched an inquiry into Effective Ventures Foundation which has links to bankrupt US cryptocurrency exchange FTX.
Posted: 30/1/23
Legacy gifting for all good causes was up by 8.7% during 2022, researchers have also found.
Posted: 31/1/23
“Charities miss out on millions every year from generous donors who forget to tick the Gift Aid box,” say researchers
Posted: 30/1/23
The NCVO’s Road Ahead report details how charity leaders can tackle the key challenges of the year, including addressing inequality and burnout in their organisations.
Posted: 27/1/23
A “dramatic acceleration” in charities’ partnerships with business and a reset in their relationship with politicians is needed to “unleash civil society’s potential”, says the inquiry.
Posted: 26/1/23
The cost-of-living crisis is the main reason behind this reduction in giving, a survey carried out this month reveals.
Posted: 25/1/23
Concerns “have been exacerbated by significant difficulties obtaining information from the trustees”, according to the Charity Commission.
Posted: 24/1/23
The appointment of YHA (England and Wales) to run residential experiences comes amid reduced funding for the government's flagship youth participation scheme.
Posted: 23/1/23
Posted: 20/01/22
Grant makers have been calling on the Association of Charitable Foundations to “act more on diversity, equity and inclusion”.
Posted: 20/1/23
It can be "difficult for entrepreneurs who have led hugely successful businesses" to then "give up control of their philanthropy to a community”, says the report.
Posted: 19/1/23
Comms expert Shirley Morgan explains how the power of the dog is the ultimate communication tool, and how we can all learn from it.
Posted: 18/01/23
Legal experts fear the guidance “encroaches into the private lives” of charity leaders and could “neuter civil society”.
Posted: 18/1/23
Hospice charities are facing “significant challenges in the coming years” as they tackle a drop in fundraising and rising costs amid the cost-of-living crisis, a report is warning.
Posted: 18/1/23
The charity’s ex-CEO is also criticised by the regulator for benefiting from deals to sell off properties housing vulnerable homeless people.
Posted: 17/1/23
Posted: 13/1/23
Emma Pears, CEO of children's charity SELFA talks about why she's "on a mission" to change the funding system for small charities.
Posted: 11/01/22
The NCVO also wants ministers to consider community tariffs and develop long term support for charities, following this week's announcement of a scaling back of government help to tackle soaring energy bills.
Posted: 11/1/23
The decision has been backed unanimously by the boards of both charities, which offer grants to tackle sight loss and support blind and partially sighted people.
Posted: 11/1/23
“We know that even with this scheme, charities are facing costs they can’t afford,” says NCVO chief executive Sarah Vibert.
Posted: 10/1/23
Also joining Parkrun's board are a former Sun editor and three charity CEOs.
Posted: 10/1/23
The chief executive of maritime charity Stella Maris is to take the same role at global anti-slavery NGO Arise Foundation from March.
Posted: 6/1/23
This year BHF's annual London to Brighton Bike Ride fundraiser will involve 21 charity partners, including Water Aid, Action Medical Research and Alzheimer’s Research UK.
Posted: 5/1/23
Posted: 5/1/23
Research is suggesting an extra 2.5m people aged between 18 and 34 will give up their time for UK charities in 2023.
Posted: 4/1/23
Charity leaders at Scope and Terrence Higgins Trust are among senior figures in the sector to be recognised in the New Year Honours list.
Posted: 3/1/23
From tackling classism and the cost-of-living crisis to re-evaluating social media strategies, charity leaders face a daunting to-do list for 2023.
Posted: 21/12/22
We’ve compiled some of our most-read charity leader interviews of 2022.
Posted: 21/12/22
Posted: 21/12/22
It’s been a long year, and with that a lot of news and features have been published across the Charity Times website. Below, we link to some of the news and features you’ve read the most for a throwback before we head into 2023.
Posted: 20/12/22
"The cost-of-living crisis is taking its toll" on giving at this crucial time of the year for fundraisers, research is warning
Posted: 21/12/22
Following the pandemic, the sector might have been fooled into thinking 2022 would be a bit calmer – but no such luck. Charity Times takes a look at the biggest news over the last 12 months.
Posted: 19/12/22
The role oversees some of the broadcaster's most high profile charity appeals, including Children in Need and Comic Relief.
Posted: 20/12/22
The end of the World Cup, as well as delayed spending decisions due to the cost-of-living crisis, are set to make this traditionally strong week for donations even more important for fundraisers.
Posted: 19/12/22
The union Unite will now ballot members over the new pay offer, which follows talks during the week.
Posted: 16/12/22
Action for Children has announced that its national director for Scotland Paul Carberry will be its first permanent chief executive since 2020.
Posted: 16/12/22
December is a busy month for public sector walkouts, as nurses, postal workers, bus and train drivers and border force all entering strikes that are staggered across the festive period. Many charity employees are too embarking on strikes, which are happening in stages over the course of the month. But why are charities in this position, and how will agreements be reached?
Posted: 15/12/22
The UK regions where charities are most likely to struggle to recruit staff have been revealed in latest research.
Posted: 15/12/22
The misappropriation of funds by staff is “posing the biggest threat”, a survey of 100 charity representatives is warning.
Posted: 14/12/22
After a challenging year, 2022 is finally drawing to a close. As 2023 creeps in, Charity Times
takes a look at the leaders to keep an eye on in the upcoming year
Posted: 13/12/22
The pledge comes as the charity tackles a Charity Commission investigation amid allegations of safeguarding failures.
Posted: 13/12/22
“This sense of exhaustion means that many dedicated people are considering their futures,” research is warning.
Posted: 13/12/22
One charity representative warned that “charities are so focused on their own positive impacts that they do not analyse where their negative impacts are”.
Posted: 12/12/22
Care, domestic, maintenance and laundry workers at the home are to vote over Christmas on whether to strike in January next year.
Posted: 8/12/22
The early findings have emerged from UK Giving Tuesday donations made through the worldwide Benevity fundraising platform.
Posted: 8/12/22
This year's Big Give Christmas Challenge match funding campaign has raised a record £28.6m for more than 1,000 charities.
Posted: 7/12/22
Workers at support charity Hestia in Hounslow have announced a two-day strike over “low pay and workloads”.
Posted: 6/12/22
Trustees at a religious charity " did not appear to understand how to identify and manage such conflicts or the importance of doing so", warned the Charity Commission.
Posted: 6/12/22
“Those working for a housing charity shouldn't be experiencing housing insecurity as a result of being unable to pay rent,” said one staff member.
Posted: 5/12/22
The Charity Commission has escalated its investigation into transgender youth charity Mermaids due to “newly identified issues about the charity’s governance and management”.
Posted: 2/12/22
The Charity Commission and sector bodies are being called on to do more to tackle poor practice and share examples of successful grant making.
Posted: 2/12/22
“Some of those in our country with the deepest pockets are not covering themselves with glory in philanthropic terms – and this matters,” says Orlando Fraser.
Posted: 1/12/22
The funding is being made available to small charities tackling complex issues including addiction, homelessness, domestic abuse and exploitation.
Posted: 1/12/22
“Charities are running out of options, forcing them to rely on their reserves and cut back on the services they provide,” the research is warning.
Posted: 20/11/22
From Joe Lycett’s money shredding stunt to sports for good initiatives, we showcase the variety of charity campaigning taking place around the controversial 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.
Posted: 29/11/22
Business secretary Grant Shapps is being warned of "serious long-term implications for communities, local economies and public services” when charities' support ends in March 2023.
Posted: 25/11/22
Trust levels for charity chief executives has increased slightly over the year, but still half the population does not have faith in them to tell the truth.
Posted: 28/11/22
Research has revealed details of a regional divide among small charities.
Posted: 24/11/22
The legal action has been taken after unsuccessful attempts to trace the fugitive volunteer.
Posted: 23/11/22
Posted: 22/11/22
Increased need for support "is a harsh reality” of rising costs said In Kind Direct, which is seeing surging demand for toothpaste, toilet rolls and other basics.
Posted: 22/11/22
The service operates at music festivals to test festival goers’ drugs, ensure substances are not dangerous and offer advice about drug related harm.
Posted: 21/11/22
If the survey is to remain a useful tool for policy work, then it needs to meet three tests, says Clare Mills
Posted: 18/11/22
Your weekly guide to current funding opportunities
Posted: 18/11/22
Chancellor Jeremy Hunt says benefits will keep pace with rising costs from April next year.
Posted: 17/11/22
More than a third of people are looking to cut back on their giving to good causes over the next three months.
Posted: 17/11/22
The move puts more than 200 jobs at risk at the adult education charity.
Posted: 16/11/22
One in four under 24-year-olds say they are more likely to donate to a charity because of the financial crisis, a survey has revealed.
Posted: 15/11/22
“There are concerns that charities will find it challenging to raise funds due to rising energy costs and mortgage payments restricting what people can afford to give," say researchers.
Posted: 14/11/22
One of Oxford University’s most famous colleges has been criticised by the Charity Commission for spending £6.6m on legal and public relations fees amid a dispute with its former dean.
Posted: 11/11/22
Staff at homelessness charity Shelter are set to strike for two weeks in December amid a dispute over pay.
Posted: 10/11/22
Civil society has been merged into its widest ever ministerial portfolio, also covering sport, tourism, youth, the coronation of King Charles, staging the Eurovision song contest next year, equalities as well as arts and heritage in the House of Commons.
Posted: 7/11/22
The throwing out of the controversial resolutions is part of a widespread rejection by members of an 'anti-woke' takeover of the charity at its AGM.
Posted: 7/11/22
Their recruitment on a job share basis is also part of a commitment by Leukaemia UK to promote flexible working.
Posted: 3/11/22
The details have emerged as the publishing company's sole director is banned from corporate roles for 11 years.
Posted: 1/11/22
Charity leaders want the Home Secretary to reform the asylum system so it is “effective, compassionate and protects the most vulnerable members of society”.
Posted: 31/10/22
The sector body’s trustees have chosen to meet the £718,000 deficit through its reserves to “ensure continued service delivery".
Posted: 31/10/22
Charities are struggling to cope with soaring demand, particularly from increasing numbers of people asking for help for the first time, a survey is warning.
Posted: 31/10/22
Thrust into the frontlines of charity work, National Energy Action's CEO, Adam Scorer, talks to Melissa Moody about his passion for social justice, leading in current circumstances, and the need for fighting against your funders.
Posted: 28/10/22
Posted: 28/10/22
With the current cost of living crisis, funding outside of donations is becoming more of a necessity. Charity Times has therefore started a weekly series listing the current funding opportunities available across the sector.
Posted: 28/10/22
A charity founded by the current chancellor, Jeremy Hunt, paid 66% of its income to its CEO, a former political advisor who lost his job over a lobbying scandal.
Posted: 27/10/22
Four in five charities want corporates to provide unrestricted funding to meet pressing needs, in particular recruitment and retention challenges.
Posted: 20/10/22
The John Lewis Partnership has drafted in Action for Children and Who Cares? Scotland as it looks to mirror the work of the Timpson retail chain in supporting ex-offenders, by offering similar career opportunities to care leavers.
Posted: 20/10/22
The proportion of Black, Asian and minority ethnic employees in charities is “comparatively low, with numbers not changing for almost a decade”, research has found.
Posted: 19/10/22
Workforce growth coincides with an increasing, but precarious, reliance on public donations, amid the cost-of-living crisis.
Posted: 18/10/22
Some charities are referring their own staff to food banks.
Posted: 18/10/22
A Charity Commission survey also reveals that one in eight charities had experienced cybercrime in the last 12 months.
Posted: 17/10/22
More young people are giving, engaging with social media promotion and donating to multiple good causes, according to studies published this week.
Posted: 14/10/22
Alex Pepper, head of accessibility at Guide Dogs, explains that when it comes to accessible and inclusive workplaces, it’s often the small actions that can make a world of difference.
Posted: 13/10/22
Orlando Fraser urged charities to continue their involvement in political activity, in a speech that contrasts markedly with the tone of his predecessor Baroness Stowell.
Posted: 12/10/22
VSO e-volunteer, Chris Evans, talks about his approach to volunteering worldwide - from the comfort of his own home.
Posted: 10/10/22
Board level diversity has fallen for the second year in a row amid a continuing lack of commitment among charity leaders to halting their investment in fossil fuels.
Posted: 12/10/22
My Space Housing Solutions had been featured in a BBC Panorama documentary this summer.
Posted: 11/10/22
“It remains the case the sector is not making progress at the pace necessary for civil society to be diverse, inclusive and equitable," warns ACEVO.
Posted: 10/10/22
RSPB, National Trust and Greenpeace are among more than 40 conservation and environmental charities to sign up to the plan.
Posted: 7/10/22
The move follows the former trustee's four-year prison sentence for giving a speech on the charity's premises encouraging terrorist activity.
Posted: 6/10/22
Inspectors are more likely to hand charity run homes their top rating than those run by profit making firms, analysis has found.
Posted: 6/10/22
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity takes over from the British Heart Foundation as the event's official partner.
Posted: 5/10/22
Charities are being urged to ensure their leadership can still be effective amid the post-pandemic hybrid working boom.
Posted: 5/10/22
The majority of charities surveyed by the donated consumer goods organisation are seeing demand and costs rising amid a fall in their income.
Posted: 4/10/22
Covid challenges are now "less pronounced”, says the Charity Commission.
Posted: 3/10/22
The Royal Society for the Protection of Birds (RSPB), the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and the National Trust have launched a joint campaign to improve public involvement in UK policy debates around nature.
Posted: 30/9/22
The trustee's "significant misuse of funds was an abuse of the trust placed in him by the many donors to the charity", says the Charity Commission
Posted: 30/9/22
“Diverse boards are better able to anticipate and manage risks, seize new opportunities, future proof their organisations and tackle difficult but necessary decisions," says the Charity Commission.
Posted: 29/9/22
Posted: 28/09/2022
"It is often not evident how effectively NGOs perform on wider ESG issues,” warn businesses.
Posted: 29/9/22
Collecting class diversity data and promoting working class leadership role models in the charity sector are among a raft of recommendations made.
Posted: 28/9/22
Analysis shows almost £8bn in social investment was made in 2021, compared to just over £800m ten years ago.
Posted: 27/9/22
Conservation charities, including the RSPB and National Trust, launch scathing attack on government’s investment zones plan.
Posted: 26/9/22
Charities fear that the package of tax cuts unveiled by Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng will fail to support the UK's most disadvantaged communities.
Posted: 23/9/22
Charity leaders have praised the work of former Association of Medical Research Charities chief executive Aisling Burnand, who died this week from bowel cancer.
Posted: 23/9/22
The increase in donating and volunteering in the UK comes amid a post pandemic boost for giving globally.
Posted: 22/9/22
Posted: 22/9/22
Nigel Huddleston had taken on the role of charities minister in addition to his wider remit overseeing sport, heritage and tourism policy in October last year.
Posted: 21/9/22
The fund has been created to tackle a lack of charity sector involvement in government procurement.
Posted: 21/9/22
The event took place in the Scottish capital for the first time since the Covid pandemic and featured tributes to the late Queen Elizabeth II, including a minute's silence.
Posted: 20/9/22
Posted: 16/09/22
Charities have increased their support for those affected by issues around grief and loss during the national period of mourning following the death of Queen Elizabeth II.
Posted: 16/9/22
Scouts, Citizens Advice and Shaw Trust were among the big winners at the Charity Times Awards 2022, which was celebrated last night.
Posted: 15/09/22
The charity has thanked the founder of the website, saying it will “make a big difference to us”.
Posted: 15/9/22
The stark impact of the cost-of-living crisis on the value of donations to charities has been revealed in latest research.
Posted: 14/9/22
A cash for honours scandal involving the Prince's Foundation "must in future be avoided", warn constitutional experts.
Posted: 13/9/22
The proportion of UK adults to sign up for mass participation fundraising events this year, such as fun runs and marathons, has slumped by around a fifth compared to recent years.
Posted: 12/9/22
Tributes have poured in from charities across the country after the announcement of Queen Elizabeth II’s death yesterday (8 September 2022).
Posted: 08/09/22
A new six-month energy scheme for charities, and businesses, has been announced by the prime minister, but charities have said it doesn't go far enough.
Posted: 08/08/22
The Scouts Association, Girlguiding and St John Ambulance are among charities invited to bid for funding to create new groups in disadvantaged areas.
Posted: 8/9/22
Former education minister Donelan takes over from Nadine Dorries, who quit this week.
Posted: 7/9/22
Posted: 6/9/22
The author is resigning as Culture Secretary after a controversial year in the role.
Posted: 6/9/22
Liz Truss is being urged by charities to swiftly announce a detailed plan on how low-income households will be helped to tackle rising energy bills.
Posted: 5/9/22
This year's awareness raising drive includes a 1970s inspired digital media campaign and focuses on the important role of legacy donations to charities.
Posted: 5/9/22
The Fundraising Regulator has published its first five-year strategy, which includes reviews into the public’s experiences with fundraising, the Fundraising Levy and the Code of Fundraising Practice.
Posted: 01/09/22
A group of charity leaders from across the sector have joined forces to urge the government to provide support to communities and charities affected by the cost-of-living crisis.
Posted: 01/09/22
Posted: 30/08/22
The charitable arm of the British Medical Association, BMA Giving, has announced a total sum of £125,000 to be donated in grants to 10 charities sharing the mission of the BMA.
Posted: 30/08/22
A charity coalition wants the expanded Dormant Asset Scheme to prioritise creating a £300m fund to support young people's mental health.
Posted: 26/8/22
Young people, women, people with disabilities, prisoners, refugees as well as Black and ethnic communities are among targets for the funding.
Posted: 24/8/22
Posted: 24/8/22
Bejal Shah, CEO of ReachOut takes us through the final week of the charity's 2021/22 mentoring projects and the importance of collaboration, supporting each other and sharing ideas.
Posted: 23/08/22
“Lagging pay limits the pool of people willing to work for charities,” warns latest research on charity pay
Posted: 22/8/22
Earlier this year the charity's chair quit amid claims she was keeping 18 cats in her house in contravention of animal welfare regulations.
Posted: 22/8/22
Posted: 19/8/22
Food banks, debt charities and those supporting people's mental health are among the hardest hit amid the UK's first double digit price growth for more than 40 years.
Posted: 18/8/22
There have been more CEOs named David than people of colour at UK’s most well-known charities, Charity Times research has revealed.
Posted: 16/08/22
Care England chief executive Martin Green says the sector’s reliance on agency staff has “been a bandage over more deep-rooted recruitment and retention issues”.
Posted: 16/8/22
Power to Change is calling on ministers to invest in a £350m Fund to help communities take over empty shops.
Posted: 15/8/22
The Charity Commission has clarified guidance around the responsibilities of charity leaders in tackling bullying and harassment in the sector.
Posted: 12/8/22
The deadline to resolve historical disputes approaches amid criticism from charities of poor access to banking services.
Posted: 11/8/22
Great Ormond Street Hospital Children’s Charity’s RBC Race for the Kids event is to return to the capital for the first time since it was put on hold due to the Covid pandemic.
Posted: 10/8/22
We outline the key changes to charity law due to come into force this autumn.
Posted: 9/8/22
The commission has pledged to involve bereaved families, the wider public and the devolved governments in its plans.
Posted: 5/8/22
The findings suggest that charities looking to limit the impact of industry and other human activity on the climate are increasingly being backed by the public.
Posted: 3/8/22
But the government's latest funding announcement follows cuts to youth provision of more than £1bn over the last decade.
Posted: 2/8/22
Grants are to be made available to charities as part of ministers’ plans to ensure funding to support victims of crime is distributed more strategically.
Posted: 1/8/22
Smaller charities and social enterprises face more barriers than their larger counterparts in accessing government contracts, research has found.
Posted: 29/07/22
Small and medium charities are spending over a third of their grant income on the applications, a new study has found.
Posted: 28/07/22
Black-led charities believe that they are often overlooked and excluded from applying for large sources of funding, a report has found.
Posted: 26/07/22
The Charity Commission has frozen the bank account of the Air Ambulance Foundation and opened a statutory inquiry.
Posted: 26/07/22
The Charity Commission has appointed interim managers to take over the running of Shire Way Community Association, six months after announcing a statutory inquiry into the charity.
Posted: 25/07/22
Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss have become the last two candidates in the running for the title of Prime Minister, but what does their election mean for charities?
Posted: 21/07/22
Board room disputes and Covid’s impact on charity finances have been blamed for financial problems at GoodBox, the tech for good company that supplies contactless payment technology to charities.
Posted: 20/7/22
The Charity Commission has cleared animal welfare charity Nowzad of wrongdoing around its evacuation of staff and animals from Taliban controlled Afghanistan.
Posted: 19/7/22
Graham Norton has stepped down from the Brain Tumour Charity's board to become interim CEO following the departure of Alex Lochrane, who had only taken up the role in January.
Posted: 19/7/22
“Contacting the contact centre or email queries can take far too long" leaving charities "confused or unable to resolve their issue,” a survey into the Charity Commission's support has revealed.
Posted: 18/7/22
From a mother looking to Mermaids for advice to becoming CEO of that same charity, Susie Green talks to Melissa Moody about her journey, handling the media, and taking a leap of faith.
Posted: 15/07/22
“Due to a complete lack of transparency about the fundraising arrangements, the charity misled the public and much of the money went to a private company," says the Charity Commission.
Posted: 15/7/22
Politicians and police see the steepest decline in trust amid high profile scandals involving racism and Covid lockdown rule breaches.
Posted: 14/7/22
Association of Chief Executives of Voluntary Organisations’ CEO Jane Ide has been appointed to chair the board of the charity Reach Volunteering.
Posted: 14/7/22
"Giving employees the freedom to work within their own preferences is the key to keeping them content", say researchers.
Posted: 13/7/22
Staffing and recruitment is the biggest challenge facing just under half of charity CEOs, according to an exclusive survey by Charity Times.
Posted: 12/07/22
Women and disabled workers are among the hardest hit by low wages across the charity sector.
Posted: 12/7/22
“Now is not the time to watch and wait. Destitute people can’t wait. If funders aren’t thinking about the cost-of-living crisis, then they’re doing philanthropy wrong," warns New Philanthropy Capital.
Posted: 11/7/22
The partnership is worth £2m over four years to the successful charity.
Posted: 11/7/22
The charities are in breach of the regulator's code because they have failed to access Fundraising Preference Service requests from the public to stop sending fundraising material.
Posted: 8/7/22
"We are aware these might be connected to complex and wider issues of diversity", says the National Lottery Heritage Fund, which is offering the funding.
Posted: 6/7/22
The foundation of a global tech firm has handed more than £1m to UK charities to improve disadvantaged people’s job prospects because “social mobility tends to be more limited in the UK”.
Posted: 5/7/22
The regulator “is well aware of this problem, and yet they’ve decided to do nothing”, say campaigners.
Posted: 4/7/22
The move has been made amid sanctions announced by the government against Russia’s second richest man Vladimir Potanin.
Posted: 1/7/22
The regulator is concerned about the charity’s independence from the family of the late Captain Sir Tom Moore.
Posted: 30/6/22
Posted: 30/6/22
A backlog in the administration of wills and legacy giving caused by the Covid pandemic is easing, latest figures suggest.
Posted: 30/6/22
How is the food and agricultural crisis affecting charity investment portfolios?
Charity Times editor, Lauren Weymouth, is joined by Jeneiv Shah, portfolio manager at Sarasin & Partners to discuss how the current pressures placed on agriculture and the wider food system is affecting charity investment portfolios.

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