How to develop a plan for long-term financial sustainability

Amid a cost-of-living crisis, many charities are lacking long-term, consistent income as donors’ attitudes towards giving fluctuate against the backdrop of economic turmoil. With this in mind, Charity Times teamed up with Sage Intacct to provide an interactive webinar on financial sustainability. Watch on to learn what financial sustainability really means and how to get there using a combination of knowledge about what funders are looking for, an understanding of the alternative income pools available and the use of simple tools for effective financial management.

Charity Trustee Investment Training Webinar: Understanding the Basics

As a charity leadership title, we know how rewarding investing can be for charities, but we also know how intimidating and complex it can be, especially in a period of economic uncertainty. This is why we have teamed up with investment experts, Investec Wealth & Investment, to provide an interactive training webinar, designed to de-mystify this daunting topic.

Charity Times Awards 2023

How is the food and agricultural crisis affecting charity investment portfolios?
Charity Times editor, Lauren Weymouth, is joined by Jeneiv Shah, portfolio manager at Sarasin & Partners to discuss how the current pressures placed on agriculture and the wider food system is affecting charity investment portfolios.