What is the Charity Times Leadership Network?

The Charity Times Leadership Network is a membership service, created by the publishers of Charity Times, which has been designed to help provide charity leaders with the tools and guidance required to be a stronger and more influential leader.

What does membership include?

Premium membership to the network includes the following:

- A print edition of Charity Times magazine bi-monthly, delivered to an address of your choice
- FREE entry to the Charity Times Annual conference and Charity Times Leadership forum, and FREE unlimited nominations for our Charity Times Awards
- A daily e-newsletter, containing key headlines and exclusive, in-depth content on issues affecting charity leadership
- Exclusive invitations to Charity Times events
- Access to regular surveys and reports
- Access to in-depth case studies, exclusive interviews and leadership diaries
- Access to the full archive of Charity Times digital magazines
- A monthly e-mail from the editor, providing a digestible round-up of the month’s most popular and important content

Our team of investigative journalists are working hard to uncover some of the biggest trends and issues from across the sector to ensure our members are constantly kept up to date with all aspects of charity leadership.

Additionally, we’ve teamed up with leaders from across the sector to help members feel part of a community, whereby sharing ideas and experiences leads to better professional development. Members will be offered the opportunity to share their own leadership experiences – in the form of diaries, case studies, interviews and blogs – in exchange for access to the same content from others across the sector.

Why should I join?

Following an unprecedented period of uncertainty, confusion and disruption, charity leadership has never been more important. Leaders are required to provide a clear direction for their organisation more than ever before.

By being a part of the Charity Times Leadership Network, you’ll be provided with a range of tools designed to help you lead your organisation to success, whilst being influential in the process. By accessing our interviews, case studies, opinion pieces and more, you’ll be able to learn from others in similar positions, connect with peers and build confidence in some of the areas you might need more support in.

We also welcome regular communication and feedback. All members are invited to keep in touch so we can tailor our content and opportunities to better suit your professional development.

We hope to welcome you to the Charity Times Leadership Network and you can join us HERE.

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