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Family-run removals company launches drive to raise awareness for breast cancer

Family-founded and operated Broughton Removals Limited has launched a new drive to raise awareness for breast cancer, having secured £200,000 funding.

The funding will see the business install a new fleet of vans, one of which is being wrapped in the branding of Breast Cancer UK, helping to raise awareness for a condition.

Having built a close relationship with the charity following personal connections to the cause, the business plans to deliver a series of employee-led fundraising campaigns for Breast Cancer UK throughout 2023.

The vans, which are lower in emissions than the previous fleet, continue a commitment to sustainability. The business already runs a box recycling program where all used boxes can be picked up for free and then reused or recycled, with nothing going to landfill.

Jo Munro, director & owner, Broughton Removals Ltd said: "As a family-founded business, we have always felt a strong sense of responsibility to support our local community in Edinburgh.

“We really value our relationship with Royal Bank of Scotland and this funding announcement will go a long way towards helping us to continue to expand the business, create jobs and support charitable causes along the way.”

Thalie Martini, CEO, Breast Cancer UK added: “I am thrilled that Broughton Removals have joined forces with us to prevent breast cancer through their fantastic and eye-catching pink vans. Their support means we can fund more scientific research to better understand the causes of breast cancer so that we can reduce incidence rates and prevent it in future generations.

“Today in the UK over 56,000 women and 370 men are diagnosed with the disease every year. 1 in 7 women will hear the words ‘you have breast cancer’ at some point in their lifetime. Prevention of breast cancer has never been more important as we all face an increasingly strained NHS. Our partnership with Broughton Removals will get us one step closer to ensuring future generations never have to face this awful disease”.

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