Ethical vegan settles case against League Against Cruel Sports

A former employee of League Against Cruel Sports has won a legal battle against the charity, which he has declared a 'victory for animal protection'.

The employee, Jordi Casamitjana, alleged he was dismissed from the anti-hunting charity after he raised concerns about the charity's pension fund investments.

He notified a number of employees that the pension fund was investing in companies that tested on animals and damaged the environment.

Casamitjana argued he was dismissed unfairly for his conversations with colleagues about the fund, but the charity conceded that he had done nothing wrong in raising his concerns and was instead dismissed for gross misconduct.

The case was settled at Watford tribunal centre and a spokesperson for the charity said the only reason for Casamitjana's dismissal in 2018 was "his communications to his colleagues in relation to our pension arrangements", but that they now accept he "did nothing wrong with such communications, which were motivated by his belief in ethical veganism."

A previous tribunal ruled ethical veganism was a philosophical belief and therefore a protected characteristic under the Equality Act 2010.

Casamitjana said: “This has been a great victory for all ethical vegans and animal protection. After nearly two years of litigation against the League Against Cruel Sports, I am extremely happy with the conclusion that we have secured.

“The case has established that ethical vegans are protected from discrimination, and I have received the acknowledgement I sought that my dismissal was based on my ethical veganism and was not justified or justifiable.”

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