Religious charities ‘need to do more to appeal’ to LGBTQ+ donors, evidence suggests

LGBTQ+ community members are more likely to give to charity than the wider public, a survey has found

But many religious charities are missing out on LGBTQ+ giving, due to the perception hey are not inclusive organisations, the research by the think tank nfpSynergy suggests.

Research by nfpSynergy found that 54% of the all adults have given in the last three months. The proportion goes up to 57% among the LGBTQ+ community.

The survey of LGBTQ+ community members by nfpSynergy also found that Samaritans, Mind, akt and Stonewall mentioned positively as being inclusive brands.

But there is scepticism around religious or faith based charities commitment to inclusivity.

One respondent said: “Large charities have a strong religious foundation… I would certainly interpret them as having a non-inclusive attitude towards different communities."

Another said: "I think most charities are fine, but there are some, you know, religious organisations which still take a pretty dim view of the LGBT community."

NfPSynergy said: “These comments clearly urge charities with a religious foundation to take a more proactive stance in this field, reassuring people about their equal treatment regardless of gender, sexual orientation and background in general.”

The survey also found that members of the LGBTQ+ community are more likely to give via debit or credit card, with 44% using this method to donate compared to 33% of the general public.

They are also more likely to buy products that include a charitable donation.

The results have been revealed by the think tank as part of its look at communities’ attitudes to giving.

This found that the LGBTQ+ community is less concerned about the Covid-19 pandemic, health, immigration, terrorism and personal finance than the general public.

However, animal charities and those campaigning for the environment and social welfare are more popular among the LGBTQ+ community.

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