Governance tool for charities launches

The Chartered Governance Institute has launched a diagnostic tool to help charities improve public trust in their work and demonstrate sound management.

The tool aims to help governance experts to support boards in achieving good governance outcomes based around boosting public confidence and improving the management of charities.

The tool, which has been released in a white paper from the CGI, highlights how charities can adopt principles of the Charity Governance Code:

• Demonstrating sound management
• Improving public trust and confidence
• Welcoming accountability
• Generating sustainable support
• Delivering positive change

It then suggests actions charities can take to improve their governance. These are categorised on the ease of which they can be implemented.

“Ensuring that a virtuous circle of good governance is in place can really help to drive positive outcomes for a charity and the charity sector as a whole,” said the CGI’s head of non-profit Louise Thomson.

“Charities rely on the support of the public to deliver positive change. Support is only given when the public has confidence that the charities they fund are well run and willing to be held to account.

“Governance professionals can help charities to implement a virtuous circle of good governance by helping charity boards to map what their charities are doing against five key good governance outcomes.”

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