Charity Commission wants to ‘fundamentally shift’ its communication with trustees

The Charity Commission has pledged to “fundamentally shift” how it communicates with charities and trustees over the next three years.

The promise has been made in its annual business plan for 2022/23 and details how the regulator is looking to “move away from communicating solely with organisations”.

Instead, it wants to engage “proactively with individual trustees”.

“We will seek out a more personalised relationship with trustees, tailoring our communications and enabling trustees to share appropriate and timely information about themselves and their charities with us,” adds the regulator.

The aim of the move is to improve compliance with regulation as well as “increase transparency” and bolster “the sector’s accountability to the public”.

Being pledged is a new “online portal, which over time will be tailored to trustees’ specific needs”. It also wants to “modernise and rationalise” guidance.

In addition, the regulator wants to do more to engage with Welsh trustees and charities.

“While we have a permanent office in Wales, speak at a number of events, work closely with representative bodies and engage positively with the Welsh Government and Senedd Members on matters of shared importance, we want to do more in Wales in the year ahead,” states the regulator’s business plan.

Improving data

Other pledges made in the Charity Commission’s business plan include improving data held on charities to “identify risk” sooner and “provide our stakeholders with better visibility of the scale and scope of the sector”.

Improving official data about the role of the charity sector in the UK economy is among calls made by think tank Pro Bono Economics’ Law Family Commission on Civil Society.

The charity sector is “not only overlooked but often explicitly excluded” from economic discussions, said the think tank earlier this year, adding “there isn’t even an official measurement of charity sector productivity”.

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