Big Issue Foundation launches ‘streaming for good’ fundraiser

Social media content streamers are being targeted for a fundraising initiative being launched by the Big Issue Foundation.

The ‘streaming for good’ campaign is called Side Quest and aims to raise £5,000 in September to improve Big Issue vendors' digital skills via one to one coaching and workshops.

Through Side Quest streamers will be asked to set up a fundraising stream to support the campaign, setting their own parameters including length of the stream and goal for donations.

Streamers taking part and raising more than £150 are being offered a Side Quest branded t-shit. A Big Issue hat is being offered to those raising more than £250.

The Foundation is partnering with online giving platform Tiltify to set up charity streams and to collect donations. It has also set up a Dischord server in the build up to the event to share fundraising tops and share news around Side Quest events.

“Disadvantaged communities are at risk of being left further behind if they’re not supported to fully embrace the digital age,” said the Foundation’s mass fundraising and communications manager Rhia Docherty.

“Digital exclusion keeps many locked out of essential services as people can lack the skills and confidence to manage their lives online, or do not have the equipment and internet connection to do so.

“Digital access and digital literacy are essential in managing benefits claims, finding and applying for jobs and getting qualifications which can lead to work or better pay.

“With Side Quest, we aim to raise funds to support Big Issue vendors on their quest towards digital literacy.”

“It is our hope that with this challenge, we will not only appeal to a wider audience of our supporters, but also be able to use the popularity of streaming to raise awareness for the growing link between poverty and digital illiteracy.

“Side Quest is our first streaming event, so we are looking forward to seeing our supporters take on this challenge.”

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