Barnardo's: Charities need to work 'interdependently' with govt and local agencies to succeed post-Covid

Charities need to work 'interdependently' with government and local agencies to succeed post-pandemic, Barnardo's chief executive, Javed Khan has said.

Speaking to Charity Times, Khan said the Coronavirus pandemic must be seen as a "catalyst for accelerated change".

"Charities should embrace digital-first approaches, and work ‘interdependently’ with government and local agencies," he said.

"Only through innovative co-design and strategic partnerships will the sector be able to deliver better outcomes in the ‘new normal’."

His comments come amid significant losses for the charity. It is projected to lose millions this year as a result of the pandemic, despite shops being able to re-open.

At the beginning of lockdown, Khan said almost £8m had been wiped away from the charity's monthly income 'literally overnight'.

Khan said to facilitate strategic partnerships, the government should set up an innovation fund for charities.

"The intellectual property from the products developed would be owned by the Government and should be shared across the sector, so no-one needs to waste resources reinventing the wheel," he said.

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