Charity Commission to investigate Captain Tom Moore Foundation

The Charity Commission says it is to review the accounts of the charity set up in honour of Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Accounts show the Captain Tom Foundation gave out grants of £160,000 to four charities and paid out more than £162,000 in management costs in its first year.

Earlier this week, a tweet showing that the charity spent £120,000 on fundraising consultancy caused a twitter storm. It’s not clear if the commission decided to investigate before or after this was revealed.

The foundation said it welcomed the Charity Commission's input.

According to the published accounts, covering the charity's first year from 5 May 2020 to 31 May 2021, it paid out grants to four charities worth £40,000 each but spent £209,433 on support costs including £162,336 on "management".

The financial statement also showed reimbursement costs of £16,097 paid to Club Nook Limited, a company run by Hannah Ingram-Moore, Moore’s daughter.

These costs were for accommodation, security and transport relating to Moore "travelling around the UK to promote the charitable company".

Payments of £37,942 were also made to Maytrix Group Limited, a company run by Ingram-Moore and her husband, relating to photography, office rental, telephone and third-party consultancy costs.

"These costs were initially funded by Maytrix Group Limited on behalf of the charitable company, and reimbursed when sufficient funds were available," the financial statement said.

Expense payments of £1,686 were also made to Ingram-Moore to cover "motor, post, subscription and travel costs".

The Charity Commission, said: "We have been in ongoing contact with the trustees of the Captain Tom Foundation on its set-up and governance arrangements and as part of this work will now assess the charity's recently submitted accounts."

It said it had an open regulatory compliance case into the charity, but that did not mean it had made any finding of wrongdoing.

Stephen Jones, chair of trustees for The Captain Tom Foundation, said: "As a young charity, we have been working closely with the Charity Commission since we launched, and we welcome their input following the publication of our recent audited annual accounts."

The Fundraising Regulator and Information Commissioner's Office had also looked at concerns regarding the foundation but those matters have since been resolved, said the BBC.

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