Charity Commission appoints COO in new role to 'drive internal improvements'

The Charity Commission has appointed Nick Baker, a deputy chief constable, as its new chief operating officer.

The COO post is a new role at the regulator and has been introduced to 'strengthen the organisation and drive forward internal improvements'.

The appointment comes after the regulator was questioned by the DCMS Committee about the department's high turnover, after it was reported that the resignation rate at the regulator had increased in 2019-20.

However, the regulator said its turnover and resignation rates compare with other similar-sized departments and organisations and has 'remained consistent'.

As COO, Baker will lead key corporate functions, including HR, finance, governance, risk and assurance, and will be based in Liverpool, the regulator's main office.

He currently works for Staffordshire Police Force, where he has been responsible for overseeing people services, technology, corporate and business services and more.

He has held a number of other senior leadership roles within the police, including as National Police Chiefs lead for digital forensics and technical surveillance units.

He was also temporary chief constable of the force between November 2019 and March 2020.

Commenting on his appointment, the regulator's chief executive, Helen Stephenson, said: "I am thrilled to welcome Nick to my senior team. His experience of both policing in the public interest and leading the support functions of the Force stand him in good stead to lead this new function at the Commission.

"His impressive technical knowledge and skills will equip us well to move forward confidently in delivering on our strategy. His commitment to helping ensure those who need our services get the best from us stood out, and I am confident Nick will support us in becoming a stronger organisation that can really maximise the benefit of charities to society."

Baker added: "Charity relies on good people coming together to make a difference and improve peoples’ lives. I am excited to support this by helping underpin the Commission’s work in the public interest. The Commission has a very clear vision - I am looking forward to working with my new teams and helping to put its ambitious plans into action."

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