Charities being offered free digital consultations

Charities are being offered free coaching sessions to improve their digital skills as part of a new initiative.

A new service developed by consultancy firm Platypus Digital and Catalyst, a charitable initiative supporting charities with digital skills, allows leaders to be matched with digital experts to gain free advice.

Leaders can log their interest through the service, Digital Candle, and indicate what they want to learn about, before being matched with the most appropriate expert.

Experts have carried out 20 sessions so far, 55% of which focused on digital strategy.

Other frequent questions asked through the service include:

- How can digital reduce the admin burden within our organisation?
- How can we better utilise LinkedIn?
- How can we set up Google Ad Grants?
- How can digital improve our support for community action?

The service was launched by Matt Collins of Platypus Digital after the 2019 Lloyds Digital Charity Index revealed 46% of leaders didn't see digital as relevant to their organisation.

"When I read the Lloyds report I was surprised. Then I saw others' shock and outrage on my Twitter feed. I felt something had to be done to change that 46% stat in the 2020 report. The response has been amazing. Digital Candle has been overwhelmed with digital experts wanting to help," Collins said.

So far, 98 experts have signed up to give their time for free. The service is still looking for more experts to share their skills.

Digital Candle is part-funded by The Catalyst. Charities needing advice and experts wishing to give advice can sign up on the Digital Candle website.

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