Volunteering for good causes helps motivate staff at work, a report has revealed.

Among employees surveyed more than two thirds (68%) said that giving up their time for charity helped keep them motivated at work.

More than a quarter said it volunteering made them more productive and the majority (84%) said it motivated them in their day-to-day life outside of work.

The findings have been revealed in the report The Value of Volunteering- volunteering in education and productivity in work, produced by the charity Education and Employers and the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development.

“The report’s findings show significant benefits of educational volunteering, including improved communication and influencing skills; an improved sense of mission and loyalty at work; and greater staff productivity, said Education and Employers.

“These organisational benefits sit alongside the personal benefits realised by individuals themselves, with evidence showing volunteering can improve staff well-being.”

Digital volunteering tools

There are a range of digital tools to help link up volunteers and charities, including the free to download Komorabi App.

The App’s developer Maria Lazar said digital tools are “going to totally change how we approach volunteering.

This includes arranging travel plans to volunteering placements as well as the necessary criminal and safeguarding checks.

Over Christmas Lazar gave up her time to write Christmas cards to people with no family.

Other apps and tools to help connect employees and charities include Benefacto, which connects good causes with people in Leeds, London and Manchester.

Meanwhile, Reach Volunteering offers a digital platform to match up people with specific skills and charities looking to fill a gap in their expertise.

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