Oxfam overhauls online retail strategy

Oxfam has announced an overhaul of its online retail operation as it looks to expand its reach globally and maximise the value of its donations.

It is to centralise its multi-channel retail operations via an e-commerce platform, being provided by Shopiago.

This will see its retail operation integrated with eBay, Shopfify, Etsy and ShipEngine.

Meanwhile, shop and warehouse teams will use the platform to list donations, track stock and sales and better manger warehouse space.

In addition, Oxfam workers will be able to track what is selling well online and alter stock accordingly.

The new system will launch as a trial in the charity two main processing centres in April and rolled out to some shops in May.

“We know that donated items reach a wider audience and generally get a higher price when they’re sold online, and our partnership with Shopiago forms a key part of our new retail strategy,” said the charity’s head of e-commerce and retail innovation Andy Ostcliffe.

“We need to be where existing and potential customers are, and that’s online.” 

He added: “Our supporters are so generous with the goods they donate to our shops that we owe it to them to get the best possible price. This in turn raises vital funds which enable Oxfam to continue fighting poverty around the world.” 

“Oxfam has operated a successful e-commerce operation for several years, offering customers second hand gems alongside brand new Sourced by Oxfam products on our dedicated online shop.

“We’re excited to build our business by entering other marketplaces and reaching a wider audience.” 

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