Office politics lower in charities

Despite 65.3 per cent of workers in charity experiencing office politics, charities actually come fifth lowest in UK office environments.

A survey from vetting and screening company uCheck rated different sectors in a study of 1,500 respondents. The results of the survey found that the civil service had the highest rate of office politics (78 per cent according to employees in that sector), followed by advertising (77 per cent) and engineering (also 77 per cent). According to the survey, it’s the legal sector that has the lowest levels of office politics (57 per cent), followed by tourism (60 per cent) and the retail sector (62 per cent). Next up ids technology (65 per cent) then charity.

However, respondents did not automatically believe politics to be a bad thing, with nearly a third feeling that office politics can be a positive phenomenon. Perhaps of note, of that third 59 per cent were male.

Infographic available here.

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