Donor interest switching from Covid recovery to green issues, survey suggests

The public is becoming less concerned with issues to arise from the Covid-19 pandemic as interest in climate change and other environmental causes increases, a survey is suggesting.

NfpSynergy’s latest Charity Awareness Monitor Sector Insight survey took place in May and June and looked at public attitudes to giving.

This found concern around the pandemic has reached “its lowest levels yet” in its polling, cited by just over half (52%) of the public as among their top concerns.

This dip in interest around Covid issues has coincided with an increasing interest in environmental issues. Support for conservation and green charities has risen to 18%, almost double its 10% rating in 2010.

“Growing public concern about climate change and environmental crises, initially put on the back burner following the onset of the pandemic, has once more come to the fore in the charities that the British public are considering supporting,” said nfpSynergy.

The survey also found that the proportion of the public who have given to charity in the last three months is 57% and remains at “historically low levels”, said the market research firm.

However, it adds that for the first time since the start of the pandemic the number of people saying they intend to give more to charity over the next 112 months is higher (17%), than those who plan to give less (13%).

In addition, appetite for public fundraising has increased, with 37% comfortable taking part in a sporting event or talking to a street fundraiser.

In August last year only 29% were comfortable taking part in a sports event and 28% were happy to talk to a street fundraiser.

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