Free support to help charities recover from Covid-19 pandemic

Free support is being made available to charities to support their operations as they resume services and fundraising amid Covid-19 recovery.

The support is being made available by the Operational Research Society, which is looking for charities in need of help reopening offices and support and understanding “what the new normal looks like”.

Its Pro Bono OR service aims to match volunteers with charities looking for support “collecting donations during financial uncertainty, meeting changing patterns of need, refining new supply chains, and running operations with strict social distancing considerations”.

Through the volunteer support its pro-bono service will provide a consultant to work with charities to tackle issues around their operations.

“One of the largest barriers that many third sector organisations face is not even realising that help is available,” said Pro Bono OR co-founder Ruth Kaufman.

“They might have a tricky strategic tangle to negotiate a path through, or a logistical process that is hard to resource, and not realise that OR (operational research) is the perfect approach to help them articulate the need, make robust decisions or design better systems."

The Society is hosting a series of webinars to explain more about operational research and how it can help charities.

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