Combining digital and face-to-face ‘most effective model of service delivery’

Hybrid models of service delivery that combine face-to-face and digital support are the most effective ways charities can support their beneficiaries, research published by a young people’s employment charity is suggesting.

EY Foundation’s use of digital support, to help people find work and education opportunities amid the Covid-19 pandemic, has been evaluated by the Learning and Work Institute.

This found that just over half (51%) of young people said a hybrid model, involving online and in person help, is the most effective way of being supported by the charity.

Meanwhile, just one in ten back digital only help and 29% favour exclusively face-to-face support.

Recommendations made by the charity include identifying when face-to-face support should be used.

It also aims to use online delivery to improve inclusivity among beneficiaries, who may struggle to attend in person.

Barriers to online delivery should also be identified, such as improving access to technology.
It also seeks to stop differentiating ‘real life’ from online support as “digital relationships are an integral part of modern working practices”.

In addition, the charity wants to encourage the use of cameras for online help, but not enforce it.

‘We pride ourselves on being an evidence-based organisation and want to ensure we are achieving measurable impact in support of young people,” said EY Foundation acting chief executive Lynne Peabody.

“This drove our desire to quickly understand how to deliver virtually in the most effective way - and then help other organisations by sharing our findings.”

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