Charity launches fundraiser after scammers empty its bank account

A small charity has launched a fundraiser for urgent help after scammers emptied its bank account earlier this month.

Millom Network Centre, which supports those living in the Cumbrian town with services including meals on wheels and lunch clubs, has made the move after being left in “an extremely vulnerable position”, following the scam.

It is looking for urgent help via the fundraiser to pay its eight strong team, fund services and pay utility bills.

So far just over £1,000 has been raised from supporters, including Millom Iron Walking Football, which has donated £50.

Another supporter, Mary Cunningham, has given £100 to help.

Over the last two days £650 has been received from two anonymous donors.

“Sadly, on the 1st of May 2024, we were extremely shocked to find ourselves the victim of a very elaborate banking scam,” said the charity.

“This scam was featured on the National News, it has resulted in our charity bank account being emptied of its contents. This leaves us in an extremely vulnerable position.

“We strive so hard to be self-sustaining, which being a community-based charity is something we are incredibly proud of.

“The loss of our funds has not only left us reeling with the shock but, also worrying as to how we are going to not only pay the wages of our small amount of core staff (8 in total) , but also fund all the services that we provide for our community”.

It added that it is “throwing ourselves on the generosity of others to help us to replace vital and much needed funds to allow us to continue being there for the vulnerable of our community who rely on our services”.

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