Funding worth £3m available to charities collaborating on 'ground-breaking' projects

Charities across the UK that team up for a ‘ground-breaking’ project to improve people’s lives could receive up to to £1 million in funding each.

The Postcode Dream Trust, which is supported by the People’s Postcode Lottery, is making £3 million available for three inspiring projects in 2019.

To be considered for the award, the project must have an “original and impactful” approach to tackling a serious social issue. Charities are urged to apply for funding targeting the following five key themes:

Changing lives through early intervention: areas of particular interest include, health and wellbeing, education and language attainment and sectors with clearly identified and measurable problems.

Ending loneliness and social isolation: the project must aim to end loneliness and social isolation, which is an increasing problem across the country with almost three-quarters of older people in the UK reporting they regularly feel lonely.

Protecting Britain’s biodiversity: Britain’s biodiversity is fragile with populations of birds, butterflies and wild flowers decreasing. To be considered for the award, the projects must tackle the root problems causing this decline.

Sustainable systems change: projects must tackle excessive consumption that is often at the root cause of environmental issues and addressing this problem with sustainable solutions. Areas of interest include urban food systems, plastics, food waste and recycling.

Transforming society through sport: the project must transform society through sport. Sport has the ability to speak to people as a universal language and can unite people across different backgrounds, religions and economic statuses. In addition to promoting health and wellbeing outcomes, sport can also promote values of teamwork, tolerance and resilience.

Commenting on the announcement, People’s Postcode Lottery social investment and innovation advisor, Joe Ray, said the ideal candidates must be part of “truly creative collaborations” that come up with solutions to particular challenges.

“As part of the application process, we want to know how charities will work together and who will benefit from their project. This really is a fantastic opportunity for charities to team up and do something incredible for communities across Scotland, England and Wales.”

Not-for-profit organisations are encouraged to apply, but the lead for the project must be a registered charity.

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