Tracey Crouch: Charities’ success under digital pressures top of govt agenda

Ensuring charities thrive in the 21st Century amidst the rapid acceleration of new technologies is at the top of the government’s agenda, Civil Society Minister Tracey Crouch has said.

Speaking at the Charity Finance Group Annual Conference in London today, Crouch said ensuring charities are able to succeed in a time when “we’re simultaneously all connected, but feel less connection with each other,” is at the heart of the government’s mission.

“With the right people driving it, technology can transport our world for the better,” she said to charity finance professionals at Westminster.

Crouch drew reference to a speech last week made by Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, Matt Hancock, who put emphasis on digitalising charities.

“But he also spoke about something more lasting and substantial,” Crouch said.

“He spoke about the spirit of generosity, about local communities and what it means to live with and for one another and how that feels.

"Civil society’s roots are embedded deep within our communities and can act as a counterbalance to the anxieties about the future we experience in the 21st century.”

“We live in a world that feels more interconnected than ever before. Tap a screen and you’ve spoken to thousands of followers,” she added.

“However, this is a world in which loneliness and mental health are rife. Only civil society has the tools we need to overt this crisis within our country. And this is just one of the challenges civil society is uniquely positioned to tackle.”

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