CLIC Sargent to axe 39 jobs amid major restructure

CLIC Sargent is set to make around 39 roles redundant as part of a major restructure designed to help recover from Covid-19.

The charity's chief executive, Rachel Kirby-Ryder, said the charity is currently facing 'the biggest challenge in its history', with a financial shortfall of £9m in 2020.

"For a charity which needed to raise around £28million this year, this is a devastating blow. It is clear that the fundraising impact of Covid-19 is set to continue, and we cannot afford to think short term," Kirby-Ryder said in a statement.

CLIC Sargent began its restructure in July, which involved informing staff that it would need to make a further organisational restructure with a view to its medium and long-term sustainability.

The proposals under consultation would see a reduction in current staffing levels of 7%. Together with the redundancies announced in July, this equates to a 15% reduction in staffing levels. This change could see approximately 39 roles made redundant.

"We need to make significant changes to the way we operate in order to protect our front-line services and ensure that we are still here for the young people, children and families that need us now and into the future," Kirby-Ryder added.

"It is because of this that yesterday myself and my leadership team began this further change consultation with our teams, as we look to ensure that the organisation continues to maximise support to young cancer patients on a lower income.

"Every single member of staff at CLIC Sargent is dedicated to making sure children and young people with cancer and their families get the support they need. Which is why it is very difficult to lose people who have worked so hard and shown such team spirit - especially over the past few challenging months. But the sad reality is that this change cannot be avoided."

Kirby-Ryder said the organisations ways of working will need to change, its focus will need to be refined and it will need to 'be in the best position to seek out opportunities to grow back stronger than ever'.

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