Cancer Research UK ranked most valuable charity brand

Cancer Research is the most valuable charity brand in the UK, according to a new ranking.

The league table, which ranks the brand values of 100 UK charities, and is published by Morar HPI, combines data from the Charity Commission with insights from BrandVue Charities – a Morar HPI sentiment tracker – to show charities the value of their brands and impact of their fundraising.

Cancer Research UK topped the table with a brand worth £2.3bn, followed by British Heart Foundation (£1.3bn), the Salvation Army (£985m), Macmillan (£910m) and British Red Cross (£767m).

The top 100 brands have a combined value of £20bn and nearly half of the total £20bn value comes from the top 10. To highlight the disparity, the 100th brand, The National Autistic Society, has a brand value of less than 1 per cent of Cancer Research UK.

Over 100,000 charities were found to be smaller than the 100th most valuable UK brand, which the data suggests shows how many charities ‘may have become too large at the expense of many smaller organisations’.

The data further suggested charities need to embrace marketing and branding and to attract more resources for their missions, by connecting and building loyalty with supporters and donors beyond those directly affected.

Fundraising consultancy Donor Voice MD, Craig Linton said: “A large number of charities still plan and operate without the benefit of solid data to underpin their planning and subsequent performance.

“Uniquely based on a combination of perception data and financial data, the new league will help to inform strategy for all charities, not just largest, but also smaller, nimbler charities that are open minded enough to read and apply the findings to their own work.”

Morar HPI director Julian Dailly added: “The league table reminds us that whether we like it or not, charity brands have a measurable value. The data shows how competitive the market for donations has become. The data shows charities of all sizes have can make a bigger impact on the world by building stronger, more resilient consumer brands.”

Most Valuable Charity Brands League will be published annually to reveal how the landscape changes year on year.

You can view the full list here.

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