Big Society Capital consulting on transparency drive

Big Society Capital today launched an open conversation on transparency, first announced by CEO Nick O’Donohoe at the organisation’s annual event in May.

The conversation aims to engage with those interested in Big Society Capital’s activities and to help identify how it can increase access to information as well act as a champion for wider transparency in the social investment market.

In the publication ‘An open conversation about transparency’, Big Society Capital outlines a number of proposals in its roles as an investor, market champion and corporate organisation. Some of the measures proposed include steps to publish anonymised data, further information on how Big Society Capital approaches financial and social return, and the regular publication of a list of the major projects the organisation is involved in.

Big Society Capital Nick O’Donohoe said transparency is a key issue for the organisation.

“We have now established a set of measures that we hope will improve the understanding of Big Society Capital and the wider social investment market. We want our stakeholders to engage with us and let us know which proposals they disagree with as well as what more we could do to increase our transparency.”

Big Society Capital is inviting input into the process via its website or the Twitter hashtag #OpenBSC.

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