UK consumers among world’s 'most generous online charity tippers’

The UK is among the top five countries in the world for offering donations through tipping to charities when they receive cashback online.

The figures have been revealed by the Kindred app, which offers consumers money back through online offers as well as the chance to leave a donation to charity as a tip on money they have saved.

This found that the UK consumers are among the five most generous tippers to charity in the world.

Kindred found that Irish consumers are the most generous, with three quarters (75%) donating their cashback to charity.

USA consumers are second with 73% donating their money saved, with Germany (68%), Malta (63%) and the UK (57%) completing the top five.

Other generous countries include Spain, Sweden and Iceland.

Meanwhile, the “stingiest tippers” in terms of donating online cashback offers include Monaco (1.7%), Switzerland (3.2%) and Norway (5.4%).

“On average, Kindred users in Ireland are choosing to donate to charity three quarters of the money we save them,” said Kindred founder and executive chairman Aaron Simpson.

“UK shoppers should be proud to be in fifth place too. While there’s no obligation for our users to give more than 1% to charity, it’s amazing that so many people are choosing to donate more than half of their savings.”

He added: “It’s extraordinary to find that some of the wealthiest places on Earth are also the meanest. The residents of mega-rich Monaco and Switzerland could surely afford to give away some more of their cashback to good causes.”

UK consumers currently collect £1.5bn a year through cashback offers from online shopping, according to Kindred.

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