TAM Asset Management launches range of ethical portfolios

The discretionary investment manager TAM Asset Management is launching a range of ethical portfolios which allows investors a unique opportunity to donate to their favoured charity from a portfolio of socially responsible investments.

The You Give, We Give scheme forms part of the firm’s TAM Ethical product. Anyone investing in TAM Ethical can choose to give a percentage of any annual profit made by their individual portfolio to a charity.

In an innovative move TAM will match the percentage given with the same percentage from its management fee.

Where appropriate the chosen charity will also benefit from the HMRC’s Gift Aid scheme which will increase the value of the donation of UK taxpayers.

The scheme also has the flexibility of allowing investors to change their charity of choice, alter the percentage donation or opt out completely if circumstances change.

Scott Murray, CEO of independent financial adviser, Virtuo Wealth said: “TAM’s investment offering and You Give, We Give is the first product of its kind that we have seen. It’s a very exciting development in socially responsible investment and charitable giving."

Lester Petch, TAM chief executive, said: “Many of our investors wish to do more than simply ensure their portfolio is managed on a socially responsible basis by supporting a charity of their choice.

"We believe our unique ‘You Give, We Give’ scheme allows them to do so and we are pleased to participate in this charitable innovation alongside our clients.

"Incorporating ethical beliefs or focussing on social responsibility with regard to investment decisions can be overwhelming which is why we have created a range of risk-profiled portfolios containing only investments that have been actively screened for their ethical credentials.”

TAM complements its own research with external expert screening and ethically focused research and is a member of the UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association.

Christian Holland, TAM senior investment manager, added: “We are keen to dispel the myth that socially responsible investing means lower investment returns.

"Indeed, the sustainable growth so keenly sought by investors is often a by product of well run companies and managements with a long term view."

TAM Ethical’s portfolios have five risk profiles from defensive to adventurous.

Each investor receives a pre investment report, has access to the company’s innovative platform which allows instant valuations, performance information and asset exposure analysis and can add an international element depending on the risk profile selected.

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