Regulator launches fresh investigation into linked charities

The Charity Commission has launched a new investigation into a care services charitable company and a humanitarian charity it is linked with, amid concerns around their management and governance.

In October last year humanitarian aid charity Future Vision Consortium had been included in the regulator’s double default class statutory inquiry, which looked at charities that had defaulted on their annual reporting obligations two or more times in the last five years.

But while the charity has now submitted its accounts they are invalid as they are for Future Vision Care, the charitable company that provides care to the elderly and other vulnerable people and is connected to Future Vision Consortium. The two organisations also have the same trustees.

Due to the submission of invalid accounts and concerns raised about the running of both organisations a new class inquiry into Future Vision Consortium and Future Vision Care has been launched.

“The financial information submitted to the Commission raised serious regulatory concerns about the administration, management and governance of both charities by the trustees,” states a Charity Commission statement.

“In particular there are concerns that charitable funds are being placed at risk, as not only is it unclear how Future Vision Consortium has applied its funds, but Future Vision Care’s accounts do not provide a clear explanation of how its income is applied in furtherance of its objects for the benefit of the public.

“Additionally, there are concerns about unauthorised payments to a trustee and whether the charities are being operated separately.”

Included in the investigation will be the two organisations’ administration, governance and management, whether legal obligations in filing accounts have been met and whether they are operating for the public benefit.

Whether there has been any misconduct or mismanagement by trustees will also be looked into.

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