RNIB creates ‘sonic logo’

Sight loss charity Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) has created a ‘sonic identity’ to improve the accessibility of its branding.

The sonic identity includes a sonic logo and “new suite of brand sounds”.

The four second logo sound is based around a piano and chorus of people speaking the charity’s initials. It is designed to “stick in listener’s heads” and be instantly recognisable to service users.

Sound design firm Molecular, which has worked for the Premier League and Disney+, has created the sonic identity.

Those appearing in the sonic logo all have sight conditions.

“Listeners will begin hearing the new sonic identity in various forms in the coming months in corporate communications, including in RNIB Helpline hold music, in branded video content and at events,” said the charity.

“It consists of a variety of tones that can be mixed to create either upbeat, downbeat, or neutral vibes.”

It will also be used on its radio station RNIB Connect Radio.

“We wanted to make sure our brand was completely accessible to people with sight loss, which is why we felt so passionately about creating a sonic identity,” said RNIB director Martin Wingfield.

“Whether someone is listening to RNIB Connect Radio, watching a video or using one of our audiobooks – we want them to immediately know that it’s coming from RNIB – whether that’s using sound or sight.

“Making brands accessible doesn’t have to be hard work, and our hope is that many other brands will now follow suit.”

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