Profile of UK’s perfect charity donor revealed

The profile of the most likely individual to give to charities has been revealed in latest research into the demographics of donors.

The findings are based on a survey of giving behaviour among 1,540 members of the public.

This has revealed that the most likely person to give and for fundraisers to target is a middle-aged Muslim resident of the West Midlands who earns more than £75,000 a year.

This profile has been created based on findings showing that British Muslims are significantly more generous that non-Muslims. While 20% of all those surveyed said they intend to donate more to charity in 2023 than last year, this proportion rockets to 53% among Muslims.

In addition, more than a fifth (21%) of British Muslims gave more than £500 last year, the highest of any group.

Meanwhile, the research found that the most generous region is the West Midlands, where the mean average gift among donors was £354. The next most generous is London at £295 and the North East at £263.

The most generous age group are the 55-64s, whose mean donation was £278 a year. A fifth in this age group give more than £250 a year.

The survey has been carried out agency Blue State and also found that one in five people are not planning to donate to charities at all in 2023, a 50% increase from last year (from 12% to 18%).

But donations to food banks are up. More than half of all people are donating food, an increase from a third in 2021 and 2019.

“While the lowest earners are having to cut their donations, we’re seeing middle and higher earners keep up their donation rates, and even increase them,” said Blue State executive director Lizi Zipser.

“Most reassuring is the fact that more people said they intend to increase their giving than those who said they intend to stop giving.

“People can see the need in the world is increasing. They want to be part of a solution and feel there is hope for them and the people and causes they care about.

“Organisations that lean into this need for hope and solutions, while optimising for donor value and not just volume may be able to get through this crisis with their funding intact.”

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