£1m green social investment fund launches

Social Investment Scotland has launched a £1m fund to help charities and social enterprises in the North East of Scotland transition to meet commitments around climate change.

The Social Enterprise Just Transition Fund is open to charities in Aberdeen, Aberdeenshire and Moray and is aligned to the Scottish Government’s Just Transition Fund.

All areas involved have a traditional reliance on the fossil fuel sector and the money has been made available as they work towards net zero commitments.

Loan and grant funding of between £20,000 and £250,000 is being made available through the initiative.

Eligible charities must show a commitment to improving outcomes for their communities, including creating jobs, improving skills and mitigating against the risks of climate change.

“In the face of a global climate crisis and ambitious, but vital, net zero targets, Scotland’s social enterprises and communities have an important role to play in meeting the broader challenge of transitioning to net zero,” said Social Investment Scotland head of impact Lindsay Wake.

“Communities in the North East of Scotland, which have historically had a strong reliance on the fossil fuels economy, face a particularly acute challenge as they move to decarbonise and ensure a sustainable future for their jobs and for the region’s prosperity.

“The Social Enterprise Just Transition Fund will provide these communities and organisations with the funding to develop initiatives and strategies to adopt more sustainable practices and, ultimately, help create a fairer, greener economy for us all.”

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