WhatsApp group launches to help charities access free office equipment

Global recycling organisation Warp It has launched a WhatsApp group to help charities and schools access free office furniture and equipment.

The aim is to make it easier for not-for-profit organisations to quickly access free equipment they need.

Other unusual items, that may be needed for promotional material or award ceremonies, including tuxedoes, are also available.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for charities to get hold of stuff they need to operate smoothly without having to dip into their vital core funding,” said Warp It founder Daniel O’Connor.

“The WhatsApp group is instant and easy to use, making it perfect for members to quickly and easily see what’s available and if it suits their needs, even if they’re not sitting at a computer.”

The value of equipment and assets redistributed so far by Warp It, which operates in the UK, Australia, America and Canada, is £3.7m.

Charities to use Warp It include the British Heart Foundation, Kori Development Project and the Sylvia Lanka Foundation.

The FreeFurni4Charity&Schools WhatsApp group can be found here.

O’Connor added: “By redistributing unwanted items, it helps organisations to save on the costs associated with sending assets to landfill and contributes to their sustainability plans and lowering their environmental impact.

"Similarly, the charity benefits by receiving furniture, equipment, and other items that they need to operate smoothly without having to dip into their limited funding. It’s a win-win for everybody involved and, of course, is going a long way to helping to save the planet.”

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