Funder to pay charity sector group membership fees for a year

City Bridge Trust is to meet sector group membership costs for a limited number of charities for the first year.

The funder is offering London based charities the chance to have their fees to the Charity Tax Group, which supports its members around taxation issues, including around Gift Aid and VAT, covered.

“It has provided funding for a charity’s first contribution towards CTG’s work (in 2022),” said the CTG of the City Bridge Trust’s offer.

“This opportunity is for charities based in London. We believe that after a year of benefiting from the work of CTG, both directly for their charity and for the wider charity sector, they will want to commit to supporting CTG into the future through becoming a member.”

The amount of the contribution members pay depends on the size of the charity, with those with an annual income of more than £1m paying £250 a year, rising to £500 for those with an income up to £10m and £800 for charities with an annual income of more than £10m.

More information can be found here.

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