British Red Cross plans online sales boost by end of year

The British Red Cross is looking to ensure all 300 of its shops can swiftly list items online by the end of 2021.

The aim is to ensure each shop can research, value and list items within minutes to sites including eBay, Shopify and Etsy.

E-commerce platform Shopiago has already been drafted in to roll out the online shopping improvements across its retail network.

So far Shopiago’s platform has been rolled out to more than 150 charity shops, the charity’s central online warehouse and aims to be rolled out to all 300 stores by the end of the year.

Through E-commerce improvements implemented so far the charity has almost halved the average time it takes for its shops to list an item, from 15 minutes to eight and aims to reduce this further to six.

The volume of online listings has increased 50 per cent since improvement were put in place, the charity adds.

“Selling online is a fantastic opportunity to reach more buyers from all over the world and achieve higher values for donations,” said the charity’s e-commerce manager Vicky McGirr.

Shopiago head of product Thom Bryan added: “We’ve had really positive feedback so far from the team at the Red Cross, and we’re looking forward to helping them generate even more income from donations by rolling out our platform to the charity’s entire network of charity shops.”

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