Age-positive image library expands to highlight diversity

The Centre for Ageing Better’s image library, which is used by charities and the media to depict positive images of ageing, has been bolstered by 500 more pictures.

The focus of the extra pictures is to showcase diversity in ageing and includes those aged over 50 who are LGBTQ+, those on low incomes and people aged over 70. These additional images were taken across Greater Manchester and Brighton and based on themes suggested in a survey of image library users.

The image library is free to use and has been created to give “a more realistic and empowering view of later life”.

“The new collection marks an important step forward for our Age-positive Image Library,” said the Centre’s director of communications and influencing Emma Twyning.

“Generally, older age groups are underrepresented in the media, marketing and advertising campaigns. And where we do see images of older people, all too often they are characterised by the extremes of wealth and aspiration or decline and dependency, with little in between.

“It is imperative that the diversity of ageing and different experiences of later life are accurately represented in our everyday lives, otherwise a huge part of the population remain invisible.”

The collection has been developed in collaboration with the charity Independent Age.

“Older people we support frequently tell us that the images of older people in the media do not represent the reality of their lives,” said Independent Age director of policy and communications John Palmer.

“We know the over-65s are an incredibly diverse group with various life experiences. This new collection will shine a light on that diversity to celebrate it and show the difficulties older people face, especially those facing financial hardship.”

The Centre for Ageing Better s a charity that is supported by the National Lottery Community Fund. Its library contains more than 2,000 images, which have already been viewed more than 25m times.

Also involved in the project is Greater Manchester Combined Authority and older people focused news platform Talking About My Generation, which is based in Greater Manchester.

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