No Olympic legacy funding from Sebastian Coe Foundation, warns DSC

Written by Andrew Holt

Now that the Olympics are over, ‘legacy’ is the buzzword on everybody’s lips, particularly the government’s.

However on closer inspection of the finances, it seems that the celebratory rhetoric hides the fact that statutory funds are fading for grassroots sport, warns the Directory of Social Change.

Of the 102 organisations that fund sports contained in Directory of Social Change’s The Guide to Sports Funding, 89 are charitable trusts and foundations.

Statutory sources however account for only 7 of the organisations, and corporates come in last, with 6. Central government expenditure on sport has actually fallen.

Author of the Guide Lucy Lernelius-Tonks said: “Sports groups are struggling to capitalise on the feel-good factor of the games. As the government report on the legacy of the games released this week (Department for Culture, Media and Sport; Report 4: Interim Evaluation: Meta-Evaluation of the Impacts and Legacy of the London 2012 Olympic Games and Paralympic Games) showed, interest and participation in sport has significantly increased in Britain, however this must be backed up with the necessary investment, not just for elite athletes, but for the grassroots community sports groups, who work tirelessly to provide sporting opportunities for everyone.

"The guide brings sources of funds together into one comprehensive, up to date and clearly indexed resource, essential for any sporting organisation or individual needing extra cash. ”

One possible source of funding listed in the guide is the Sebastian Coe Foundation, despite it having made no grants in the last three years.

Lernelius-Tonks stated: “We were excited to come across the foundation during our research, until we realised it had given nothing in the last three years. We have included it in the book however as it clearly has the potential to do much more.”

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