Corporate partnerships are improving business practices and delivering greater impact than financial support alone, according to a new survey.

NGOs and corporates also expect corporate partnerships to become more important over the next three years, and many organisations in the private and third sectors expect to increase their activity

Government has been reminded not to ignore the needs of charities when it comes to pushing social investment, in a new report published by the Charities Aid Foundation

Crown Representative for the Voluntary, Community, and Social Enterprise sector Michael O’Toole is departing to join Mentor as chief executive from 6 October

Group B Strep Support appoints new chair, Mentor recruits new chief executive, and more…

A global taskforce on social impact investment established under the UK’s G8 presidency has published recommendations aiming to unlock up to USD $1trn (£620m) of new investment to tackle social problems

Many people would prefer to support local than national charities, according to a new survey, and almost all feel it is important for charities to keep donors informed on how money is spent

Cass Business School Centre for Charity Effectiveness recruits social investment and impact lead, Citizens Advice builds team for digital services overhaul…

The Charity Commission has stressed the importance of trustee bodies making decisions collectively and recognising their ultimate responsibility for charity management and administration, in an operational compliance report on the Police Dependants’ Trust

Charities have been warned they risk losing trust and public funding if they overstate their contribution to resolving social problems

Digital campaigns must be well targeted and part of an integrated strategy including offline activity, experts have said

Bridges Ventures has announced the final close of the £25m social impact bond fund

Tesco, Diabetes UK, and the British Heart Foundation have announced a major new partnership which aims to raise millions of pounds

A think tank has suggested charities should be given access to the estimated £400m currently sitting in dormant insurance policies and pension funds to further their causes


Dr Nicola Davies looks at the politics and finance that could indicate future visions of the charity sector

Andrea Cooper explains why tackling the lack of social mobility and access to opportunity for young people is an essential sector and society problem

The passing of the Lobbying Bill means that the nature of charity campaigning could change. But Becky Slack finds many in the sector advising charities to stand their ground

Tracey Gyateng argues that a better use of data by charities helps them improve their operational effectiveness, the service they provide to their beneficiaries and the outcomes they achieve

There is a hope we have entered a new investment era that could open up a period of dynamic asset allocation. Andrew Holt analyses the investment strategies open to charities

There has been a year-on-year increase in donations via IT Apps. But, finds Julie Howell, charities can still take more advantage of new App opportunities

Has your investment manager downgraded your service?

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