The National Association for Voluntary and Community Action has confirmed Neil Cleeveley as chief executive.

Cleeveley joined Navca in November 2003 as director of policy. Previously deputy chief executive, he has been acting chief executive since Joe Irvin left to lead Living Streets in July

New chair at Help for Children | Hedge Funds Care UK, Navca names chief executive, and more…

Politicians have been urged to protect charities’ independence and rights to free speech in law, and restore ministerial responsibility for the sector to a cabinet level post

The regulator has reassured charities that they can feel confident following the current guidance on campaigning, CC9, in the lead up to the election

New marketing communications officer for British Polio Fellowship, and more…

The UK was the joint seventh most generous nation in the world in 2013, and the second most generous in Northern Europe according to the Charities Aid Foundation’s latest annual World Giving Index

New analysis of armed forces charities challenges common misconceptions of the sub-sector, according to the Directory of Social Change

Acevo has called for civil society to have a strong voice in the devolution debate as the Conservatives prepare to announce plans for constitutional reform and the constitutional convention

A charity set up to help revive ailing small town high streets is closing after hitting cashflow problems, but hopes a successor will evolve to carry on its work

The government is waiving VAT on sales of the Band Aid anniversary single, which is raising funds to combat the Ebola epidemic in West Africa

A new study from community association network Locality has revealed fewer of its members are earning income through public sector contracts, and a higher proportion are making a loss on the activities

The Charity Commission has placed Life Changing Ministries International Church South Cheshire Trust in monitoring, and will follow up to ensure progress and compliance by trustees after failings in governance and financial controls at the charity

A number of charities appear to suffer from a conflict between the CEO and trustees, and few charities link strategy to risk assessment, according to a review of charity strategies by the ICAEW


Directory of Social Change director of policy and research Jay Kennedy says DSC's objections to the regulator gathering some of its funding from the sector include practicality, proportionality, PR, precedent, and principle

Antony Savvas says the crowdfunding market for charities is not only a test bed for fundraising skills but also a potential shoe horn into much larger revenue streams

Peter Holbrook argues that social enterprises and trading charities should play a greater role in getting involved with public service contracts and greater transparency on this issue should emanate from government

The social economy is on the march, says Sam Simmons, and its policies are designed to equip people with some radical tools to build a stronger, more equal and prosperous society

When it comes to innovative web design, charities are taking risks where they promise to deliver substantial return on investment, finds IT consultant and Charity Times Awards judge Julie Howell

There has been a year-on-year increase in donations via IT Apps. But, finds Julie Howell, charities can still take more advantage of new App opportunities

Has your investment manager downgraded your service?

February-March 2014: Trustees & CEO Pay

Trustees came under the spotlight last year because of their reluctance to defend
the salaries of their chief executives. The sector has since offered trustees opportunities to learn from the experience. It is an opportunity they must take, argues Andrew Holt

December/January 2013-14: Impact Leadership

Tris Lumley takes the reader on an in-depth journey analysing impact
leadership, arguing that impact starts with leadership

August/September 2013 Cover Story: Revisiting the Big Society

Andrew Holt searches through the maze that is the Big Society for meaning

June/July 2013 Cover Story: Testing times, big opportunities

Contrasting sector evidence suggests the fundraising environment is tougher than it has ever been while other data suggests it is indeed tough but equally ripe with opportunity. Hugh Wilson unravels the debate

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April/May 2013 Cover Story: Measuring Impact

Impact measurement is the current sector zeitgeist. Hugh Wilson finds charities embracing it to keep funders happy and arguments over the measurement of data, but ultimately, the benefits of good impact measurement are significant and the idea is here to stay

February/March 2013 Cover Story: Are charities special?

What is the role of charities? Are they unique? Or do charities increasingly ape what other organisations can do just as well? Hugh Wilson investigates

December/January 2012 Cover Feature: The Good Leader

With morale in the sector at its lowest ebb, Duncan Jefferies asks what makes an effective leader and how charities can attract and develop the best management talent in the current environment

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