Impetus-PEF announces £1.1m in funding for East London charity

Written by Matt Ritchie

Impetus-PEF is providing a three-year package of strategic management advice, funding of £1.1m, and pro bono support to current charity partner City Gateway.

Announcing the initiative, Impetus-PEF said East London-based City Gateway are a one-stop-shop where young people can re-engage in learning, raise their attainment, develop their skills and get support to find and keep a job.

Impetus-PEF’s support aims to help the charity improve their programme, strengthen management and monitor impact.

Once complete, City Gateway intends to roll out the programme in new sites in the London boroughs of Newham and Hackney with the aim of reaching an additional 220 young people each year.

Impetus-PEF first funded City Gateway in 2014, helping to build stronger operations and governance. The new package of support will build on the previous work aiming to delivering stronger results in education and employment for London’s young people.

Julia Grant, Impetus-PEF chief executive, said the new package of support will help build the foundations for City Gateway’s future growth to multiple London sites.

“Impetus-PEF’s additional funding in City Gateway marks an exciting opportunity to continue supporting an ambitious employment charity – with a growing, operational footprint in East London.”

City Gateway founder and chair Dirk Paterson said that although the charity has impacted thousands of lives over the past 17 years the socio economic and educational needs in communities has increased not declined.

“City Gateway and Impetus-PEF share the priority of transforming the futures of young people, through educational attainment and long-term employment. Impetus-PEF’s long-term commitment will help us realise sustainable growth.”

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