Impetus-PEF extends long-running partnership with youth charity

Written by Matt Ritchie

Impetus-PEF has renewed its partnership with youth charity Teens and Toddlers, via a package of £100,000 of funding, strategic management advice, and pro bono support.

Teens and Toddlers specialises in helping young people develop their life skills by acting as mentors to children in supervised nursery environments. Established in 2001, the organisation runs a highly structured programme designed to improve behavioural and educational outcomes for secondary pupils.

Impetus-PEF is a charity that brings funding and strategic resources to high-potential charities and social enterprises working with young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Announcing the latest package of support, Impetus-PEF said the partnership with Teens and Toddlers has been one of its longest-standing. The partnership has seen over £1.5m worth of support comprising funding, management advice, and pro bono services since 2009.

Impetus-PEF’s support originally focused on Teens and Toddlers’ financial reporting, business planning, and operational model. However over the seven years the two organisations have been working together, Impetus-PEF has helped Teens and Toddlers become a viable and attractive option for delivering social impact bonds.

Teens and Toddlers CEO Joanne Hay said the support offered so far has enabled the charity to build an evidence base for its programme, and prepare to deliver at greater scale.

“The next step of our partnership with Impetus-PEF is an exciting one for all of us. It will help us enhance what we’ve learned from the past few years to refine our approach and truly focus on long-term outcomes for the teens on our programmes,” she added.

Impetus-PEF investment director Amelia Sussman said Teens and Toddlers is a high potential charity with a distinctive programme and a thoughtful and ambitious leadership team.

“In the past few years we’ve seen the Teens and Toddlers team embrace strong performance management systems enabling them to now track every young person that goes through their programmes,” Sussman said. “We’re delighted to be working with them again this year to build on their experience and ensure meaningful and lasting change for the young people they help.”

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