Trustees’ Week: Honorary Treasurers Forum publishes new handbook for charity treasurers

Written by Lauren Weymouth

The Honorary Treasurers Forum has published a new handbook to offer advice and information to support charity treasurers, finance directors and board members.

The handbook, which was produced by accountancy firm Sayer Vincent, has been updated online for the first time since its publication 10 years ago and provides details for charities on how to strengthen their financial accountability.

It has been updated to recognise the financial and governance changes introduced over the years and will subsequently be kept up to date with relevant new guidance and information in the future.

Commenting on the handbook, Honorary Treasurers Forum chair Bruce Gordon said: “Many books and guides explain charity accounting, but they don’t cover all the aspects of an Honorary Treasurer’s role.

“The role of a Treasurer can be highly diverse. They provide advice and support in many areas related to finance, but also serve as the go-between for the finance staff and the trustee board. They also might chair the finance committee or do the book keeping in smaller charities.

“They need accounting knowledge, but also the skills and behaviours to work well with others. We hope this handbook will help navigate through the ‘softer’ aspects of the role.”

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