Fundraising Regulator to name non-levy paying charities

Written by Matt Ritchie

The Fundraising Regulator is to publish a full list of charities within the scope of its levy, and set out those who have not paid.

The regulator has announced plans to publish the information at the end of August – the close of the first levy year.

It follows publication this month of an initial list of charities who have registered with the Fundraising Regulator. The current register includes charities that have paid the levy and those that fall outside the levy threshold but have registered their support.

However, the regulator's board has decided to disclose the complete list of charities asked to contribute to the costs of regulating fundraising through the levy, in the interests of transparency and fairness to those who have paid in particular.

The regulator will first contact all non-respondents again, and ask the NCVO and Institute of Fundraising to contact those that are members to encourage levy payment.

The list will also be shared with the Charity Commission.

Fundraising Regulator chief executive Stephen Dunmore said “there is a clear public interest” that larger fundraising charities should support the regulation of fundraising and pay the annual levy.

“Based on the Annual Return charities are required to complete for the Charity Commission, 1,768 charities fall within the category to which the levy applies; unfortunately some have declined to pay and others have not replied at all to our communications about the levy.”

NCVO chief executive Sir Stuart Etherington said paying the levy demonstrates a commitment to good practice, and transparency around who has paid and who has not is fair “to all concerned”.

“I am very pleased that so many charities have already signed up to the Fundraising Regulator. It is a clear sign that the sector is taking quality regulation seriously and putting great importance on treating donors and the public with respect.”

IoF chief executive Peter Lewis encouraged all fundraising charities to sign up to support the regulator, and pay the levy as appropriate.

“We need an effective and properly resourced regulator to help ensure high levels of trust in our work and to make sure that when things go wrong quick action is taken to deal with it.”

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