Charity creates online dashboard for real-time monthly reporting

Written by Lauren Weymouth

Sports charity Street League has created the ‘first ever’ online dashboard in a bid to drive transparency in the charity sector.

The dashboard will allow users to interact with real-time data about the young people the charity is supporting.

Street League is a national charity, which provides a sport and employability programme for unemployed 16-24 year-olds. Last year, 80 per cent of the programme participants were from the top 40 per cent most deprived areas in the UK.

The Online Impact Dashboard will act as a base for the charity to report cumulative data monthly rather than waiting until the end of the year, when it will be published in its annual report.

The dashboard is part of the Street League’s wider campaign, #CallForClarity, which has been backed by 147 other organisations. The ‘Three Golden Rules’ of the campaign recommend that charities should never over-claim what they do; that all percentages should be backed up by absolute numbers; and that all outcomes should be supported by auditable evidence.

Commenting on the dashboard, Street League chief executive Matt Stevenson-Dodd said: "We don’t think success should be measured by turnover, or by vague numbers of people ‘reached’, or by a story about one or two beneficiaries.

“It should be measured by presenting what we do in a transparent way and allowing other people to decide whether they think we are successful, or not."

Using the dashboard, users will be able to access anonymised data about the young people that Street League is supporting and, for example, find out about the barriers they have overcome and which employment sectors they have moved into.

Street League said whilst other impact dashboards certainly exist, the charity believes that integrating real-time data is a “sector-first innovation which will take transparent impact reporting to the next level”.

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