CFG names new chair as Theodoreson bids farewell

Written by Matt Ritchie

Nicki Deeson is to succeed Ian Theodoreson as chair of Charity Finance Group.

Deeson is currently vice-chair, and international finance director at Amnesty
International. Theodoreson was one of the founders of CFG, and has been chair for six years. He is stepping down before his term comes to an end in September.

CFG is marking its 30th anniversary this year. In a speech prepared for the group's annual conference, Theodoreson said charity finance has become more professional since 1987, and its practitioners more skilled.

However, he warned that in becoming larger and more professional charities have become part of the establishment. In particular, competition for government contracts endangered the unique value of the sector, his speech notes said.

“In pursuing growth and reach through contracts, we have actually dulled our
voice and have lost our distinct message,” Theodoreson's speech read. “We no longer stand out as a sector that challenges the status quo and the public is consequently less clear about what we stand for, which should be a cause of concern for everyone who
cares about the charity sector.”

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