Eating disorder charity rebuffs Amazon over “offensive” clothing

Written by Lauren Weymouth

Eating disorder charity B-Eat has heavily criticised online giant Amazon over its sales of “offensive” clothing.

The charity spoke out over one particular hoodie, which describes anorexia as “like bulimia, except with self-control”, the Manchester Evening News reported.

B-Eat claims the hoodie, which is sold by Amazon’s third party retailer ArturoBuch and is only available in the US, ‘trivialises eating disorders’, which can in turn ‘make it harder to get help’.

Other charity figures have since called for the item to be removed immediately, and have urged Amazon to stop sales as soon as possible.

“When eating disorders are glamourised or trivialised like in the case of this hoodie, it can trigger negative behaviours in people who are affected by these complex mental health issues, which can cause serious harm,” B-Eat said.

“We urge the company responsible to stop making this hoodie, and call on all retailers, including Amazon, to refuse to sell it.”

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