Commission opens investigation into children’s charity

Written by Lauren Weymouth

The Charity Commission has opened a fresh investigation into Jole Rider Friends, a children’s charity aimed at advancing education and the provision of facilities for schools in Africa.

According to the Commission, trustees have failed to submit their charity’s annual accounts on time for the last two financial years, and the charity is 257 days overdue in submitting their 2016 accounts.

Furthermore, the charity’s 2015 accounts contained an independent examiner’s report, which highlighted concerns surrounding potentially unauthorised payments and the charity’s stock control.

The investigation, which was opened on 5 September 2017, will look in depth at the charity, addressing significant regulatory concerns with regard to the administration, governance and management of the charity by the trustees.

Despite being under the spotlight, the Commission has stressed opening an inquiry is not in itself a finding a wrongdoing.

The purpose of an inquiry is to examine issues in detail and investigate and establish the facts, so the regulator can ascertain whether there has been any misconduct or mismanagement. The Commission will decide what action needs to be taken to resolve the serious concerns, if necessary using their powers to do so.

Once the Commission has concluded its inquiry, as per its standards, it will publish a report detailing its findings.

Reports of previous inquiries by the Commission are available on GOV.UK.

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