After years of campaigning, charities are set to receive a partial refund of millions in Lottery cash raided for the London Olympics. In 2007, the last Government raided an additional £425 million from the Big Lottery Fund to plug a shortfall in the ballooning Olympics budget. Following outrage from charities and many MPs, the then Government promised to repay the money after the Games by selling Olympics assets. The current Government has promised to honour the deal – but with most of the money not due to come back until the 2020s.

Ciarán Devane will move on as chief executive after seven years at the helm of Macmillan Cancer Support. He will leave Macmillan at the end of October, before joining the British Council as chief executive in January 2015. Devane joined Macmillan in May 2007 and since then the charity has undergone a remarkable transformation. During his tenure, annual fundraising income has doubled and cancer services have expanded. In 2013, the charity provided information and support to 5.2 million people affected by cancer.

The GLA Housing Committee has today published a report calling for a change in the law to tackle rough sleeping as new figures show that rough sleeping in the capital has risen by a massive 23% compared to the same quarter of last year. Responding to today’s report and figures, Matt Downie, director of policy and external affairs at Crisis, said: “Behind these statistics are thousands of people suffering because of cuts to housing benefit and a woeful lack of affordable housing, particularly in London where demand is greatest.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations is calling for charities to protect their historical records, as part of a new project to archive charity sector documents. The five-year scheme, funded by the British Academy, will reach across the UK and seeks to digitally preserve key voluntary sector records, particularly those dating back to the creation of the modern welfare state in 1945. It aims to ensure that records relating to welfare reform, which transformed the relationship between charities and the state, are not lost.

The Charity Commission has opened a statutory inquiry into The Catalyst Trust, registered charity 1122374. The charity is established for general charitable purposes which it achieves by the making of grants, loans, guarantees or other assistance to charities or for charitable purposes. A complaint was made to the Commission regarding the charity in October 2013 which raised questions about its financial management, including whether it had been in the best interests of the charity for the trustees to accept a property as a gift.

VSO’s 2013-2014 annual report released this week shows it is cementing its role as a leading international development charity that fights poverty through volunteering. Over the last year, the charity’s income rose from £57 million to £68.7million – an increase of 20%. This is particularly impressive given the challenging economic climate. Growth was represented across all income streams, with individual giving increasing by 17%, and legacies growing by an impressive 75% in the UK.

Today, the think-tank ResPublica will be launching its latest report: Virtuous Banking: Placing ethos and purpose at the heart of finance. The report reviews the way in which the banking industry governs and organises itself and explores how the financial sector can be made more responsive, responsible and ethos driven. The banking industry is Britain’s great economic and social enabler. Given the capacity of our banks and building societies to promote growth and empower communities, our financial institutions have the potential to be society’s most transformative institutions. Yet this view is not the commonly-held view amongst the general public.

The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) has today launched a call for evidence as part of a review into the voluntary sector’s finances, alongside its partners Charity Finance Group, the Institute of Fundraising, Navca and Small Charities Coalition. The call for evidence, which is open to all voluntary organisations, provides the opportunity for respondents to tell their story about the impact of the recession on their organisation and how they have adapted to the changing funding environment.

ACEVO and the Charities Aid Foundation today launched a joint project to put charities and social enterprises at the top of the political agenda in the run up to the 2015 election. The joint ACEVO-CAF project will produce collections of essays by leading thinkers and politicians from the three major parties. The project will be launched at major thought-leading events to be held at the three major Political Party conferences in September and October 2014. The Conservative collection, the Blue Book of the voluntary sector has the support of Brooks Newmark MP, minister for Civil Society, having previously been championed by former minister for Civil Society Nick Hurd MP.

Rathbone Investment Management, a leading provider of discretionary investment services to individuals, charities and trustees, confirms its appointment as manager of the Charity Bond Support Fund. The Fund is a £10m investment commitment from Big Society Capital designed to help Charity Bond issuers to raise capital by encouraging both issuers and investors into the Charity Bond market. The Fund is designed to increase access to debt financing for charities, adding a scalable source of capital to complement existing sources of finance, including grant capital, voluntary donations, bank lending and retained earnings.

Citizens UK, the organisation that created the Living Wage campaign, is today, launching its People’s Manifesto in the build up to the 2015 general election at a Civil Society Summit, hosted by Queen Mary University of London. In 2010 Citizens UK’s General Election Assembly was dubbed by the media as the ‘Fourth Debate’ when Brown, Cameron and Clegg all took to the stage at Westminster Central Hall to address the organisations eclectic membership and respond to its manifesto. The 2015 Citizens UK People’s Manifesto launched today has been created with input from 300 institutions from across the UK and demonstrates real areas of concern from a diverse group of communities.

The Charity Commission welcomed the ruling on the Dove Trust as the next step in helping charities receive the funds they are owed by the Dove Trust; the charity that ran the online giving website Charity Giving. Shortly after his appointment, the IM of the charity had concluded that there were insufficient funds for a full distribution to be made to over 1,800 charities and good causes that were owed money by the Dove Trust. Given the complexity of the charity and trust law issues involved, the Commission asked the court to decide how the IM could lawfully distribute the limited funds that were available.

Bond, the UK membership body that unites over 400 development organisations working for the world’s most vulnerable people, today pledged its full support for the UK’s first Girl Summit. The Girl Summit, co-hosted by the UK government and Bond member UNICEF UK, takes place in London today. It aims to mobilise UK and international efforts to end female genital mutilation (FGM) and child, early and forced marriage (CEFM) within a generation. Bond will be represented at the summit.


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