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How to enter

Nominating your organisation for an award can be a daunting experience if you've never done it before, but fortunately the entry process for the Charity Times Awards could not be simpler - here's how it works:

Who can enter the Charity Times Awards?
The awards are open to any relevant organisation or individual based in the UK. Please note we will require contact details for the company nominated and not PR contact details. 

Choose your categories
You can enter as many categories as you like, submitting each entry separately via the online form. Visit the categories page to read the criteria.

Write your main entry
Your nomination will be judged on a supporting statement of no more than 1000 words. This should outline how the nominated organisation or person has proved their excellence and (where relevant) innovation, commitment to the sector and overall dedication. Please also check individual categories for criteria.
The editor has written some notes on entering for guidance you can find here

The submission for this category must include the following:
Outline of your organisation’s objectives. This information will be used to judge the clarity of the organisation’s objectives, and how a relevant strategy to meet those objectives has been created. It should include the time period over which these elements have been created and deployed.

Evidence of how these objectives have been met, and what impact the meeting of these objectives has had. This should contain quantitative data to demonstrate the success in meeting these objectives, whether it be through the work of an individual or a team.

Evidence of excellence. This may be in management, planning, execution, identifying a need, commitment or innovation - or a combination of all or any of these.

In 500 words or less (as part of the 1000 words), why do you think your organisation/your nominated person deserves to win this award? Please detail the overall impact that your organisation/nominated person has had on the organisation and its overall mission. In this section evidence may be quantitative or qualitative, or a mixture of both.

Write a brief synopsis of your entry
In 150 words or less, briefly summarise your entry. This will be included in the awards brochure should you be shortlisted.

Submit an entry payment
The Charity Times Awards are FREE to enter for members of the Charity Times Leadership Network.
Note, you must use the same email address as your membership.
Not sure if you are a member? You can check here: https://www.charitytimes.com/ct/check_membership.php

Please note: As the Charity Times Awards are a network exclusive event, you will require an active subscription on the date of the event (25 September 2024) to ratify your free nominations. If you have questions or queries about this event or renewals, please contact Shannon.Woods@charitytimes.com. If you do not have an active subscription over the date of the event, your registration fee will be counted as your renewal cost.

For those not currently members, you will need to pay the fees below, but note THIS INCLUDES 12 months membership of the Charity Times Leadership Network including free events, discounts, and access to all Premium Content at www.charitytimes.com

£199 + VAT  Charity with turnover under £1m
£299  + VAT Charity with turnover over £1m
£499 + VAT Commercial organisations

Once you've completed a payment form, you'll be redirected to the entry form to submit your entry. Remember, you can enter as many categories as you like!

Submit your nomination online via the entry form
Upload all your documents (preferably in Word or PDF format) to the entry form and add your contact details (including your UK office address) so we can confirm that we've received your entry. Please note that there is a maximum 4mb size limit per file and our system may be unable to process your entry if you exceed this limit.

Don't forget the logo...
A large, high quality logo must be uploaded with each submission - if you're nominating multiple organisations for the same award please provide all relevant logos. If your entry is shortlisted, your logo will be displayed at the awards ceremony attended by hundreds of the leading names in the industry.

...or the photo
If you're nominating an individual (e.g. Charity Leader of the Year), please include a large, high resolution photograph instead of a logo.

I've entered and received a confirmation email - what happens next?
Soon after the awards close for entries, we will announce the shortlist, from which our judging panel will select the winners who will be announced at the Charity Times Awards ceremony on 25 September 2024. The shortlist will be published on our website and all finalists will be notified by email.

Read our guide to creating an awards entry
Read our example awards entry

• Charities can enter more than one category.
• The awards are open to any UK-based registered charity, or international charity with registered UK offices (and commercial organisations in relevant categories)
• Charities are encouraged to nominate themselves.
• The award winners will be chosen by an extensive panel of INDEPENDENT expert judges, using a fair and transparent judging process.
• Award entries must be kept to a maximum of 1000 words. Entries that exceed this word limit will be disqualified.
• Additional material will not be accepted.
• Judges may not participate in those categories where there are conflicts of interest.

• Stand out against the competition
• Reward employees and motivate your team
• Leverage your marketing - through PR and increased brand awareness
• Attract talent
• An opportunity to celebrate
• If you are shortlisted your company logo will feature at the awards ceremony attended by hundreds of the leading names in the industry.

Best of luck with your entries and we look forward to seeing you at the event on 25 September 2024 at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, which we are sure, will be a night to remember. To book a table, please click here.