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Past events

Please see below for some of our previous events:

The Charity Times Property Roundtable: Creating Strategies in Uncertain Times
A discussion about property investment, with insights into the simple methods for creating sustainable strategies able to survive economic and political uncertainty. Investing in property can be hugely advantageous for charities, especially if the investment seeks to advance the organisation’s overall mission. Despite its obvious benefits, playing in the property market can be a risky game and charities must ensure they create robust strategies fit for any economic turbulence that may arise.

Charity Times Roundtable: Accountancy Rules and Reporting: Compliancy in an Online World
The reporting of accounts provides a clear picture of the way your charity operates, and what its financial position looks like. With an increasing number of legal and governance duties placed on the third sector, there is pressure for charities to invest in digital systems that can automate the process and make reporting and transparency much less time-consuming. A panel of experts discuss some of these issues and how to remain compliant in what is becoming an increasingly online world.

Charity Times Roundtable: Diversifying your Investment Portfolio
With a consistent need for income, it’s often easy for charities to remain invested in the assets that are consistently performing well. However, knowing when it’s the right time to refresh your investment portfolio can be difficult, particularly when costs and risks are involved. Key decision makers from charities around the UK discuss the issues leading the investment agenda and note that while markets have changed drastically over the years, the need to diversify has still remained the same.

Charity Times Roundtable: Managing Risks in a Volatile Market
Ever-increasing political uncertainty and market volatility, coupled with the need for income, provide a large and difficult task for those responsible for a charity’s assets. But there’s a large industry out there, capable and willing to help charities cope with the pressures of managing investment risks in an unpredictable climate. A panel of charity finance leaders discuss the opportunities.

Charity Times Roundtable: Accountancy & Reporting:Living by Numbers
Accounts attempt to fulfil a variety of different functions – to some they are a legal requirement, to others a method of communication, and to some a method of explaining a charity’s operations and how it is fulfilling its remit. A panel of experts explore the key issues on the accountancy agenda.

Charity Times Roundtable: Ethical Investment: Moving Values Up the Agenda
Investment is a complex field. Ensuring a charity’s values are represented in the management of its assets further complicates matters, all the more if trustees wish to ensure the way their assets are run actually advances their mission. An expert panel of charities and investment managers re-visit the topic to examinethe ever-changing issues topping the responsible and ethical investment agenda.

Charity Times Roundtable:Responsible Investing: Investing to Advance your Mission
Relative to other large investors, charities have often been at the forefront on incorporating ethics in their investment decisions. By definition, charities exist for a purpose beyond maximising their resources. However, the field of SRI is moving on and now encompasses much more than simply the stocks investors choose to avoid. A panel of charity leaders and investment managers discuss how charities in the UK can adapt to new expectations.