Revealed: the UK's most generous cities

The UK's most generous cities have been revealed in a new report, which shines a light on the parts of both the country and the world that give more to charity than others.

The research, conducted by social fundraising platform, GoFundMe, revealed Edinburgh is the most generous city in the UK.

Cambridge and Bath were the second and third most generous cities in the UK respectively, followed by Norwich and Bristol.

The 10 most generous UK cities

1. Edinburgh
2. Cambridge
3. Bath
4. Derry/Londonderry
5. Norwich
6. Bristol
7. Plymouth
8. Exeter
9. Ipswich
10. Liverpool

The report also highlights the most generous countries in the world, with Ireland stealing the top spot (based on donations per capita), followed by the United States, Australia, Canada, with the UK closing out the top five.

The UK also ranks as the second most generous country in Europe behind Ireland.

A rank of growing trends for 2019 showed a 65% spike in climate-change-related crowdfunding campaigns as a result of climate protests led by activists such as Greta Thunberg and Extinction Rebellion.

The report also shines a light on the UK’s donating behaviour and reveals that one in seven UK consumers have donated through the GoFundMe platform. The start of the week sees people feeling most proactive and Tuesday is the most popular day to start a campaign.

It further revealed Brits seem to be at their most generous at the start of the weekend with Friday being the most popular day to donate and 8pm the most popular time.

"When it comes to social fundraising, the distance, background, or relationship to those in need doesn’t matter — our donors and organisers span the globe and have different needs, concerns, and interests. But what they all have in common is the drive to care for others and take action. They are people who see something and do something," said GoFundMe CEO, Rob Solomon.

The full report, GoFundMe 2019: A Year in Giving can be viewed here.

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