From the editor: What’s in the latest issue of Charity Times?

What does the July issue of Charity Times have in store for charity leaders?


There is no doubt that the past few months have been difficult. For many, the lockdown period has been highly emotional. It’s been stressful, challenging and for those who have lost loved ones, jobs and livelihoods, it’s been devastating.

For charities, the loss of income over this year is just as unnerving. The Chartered Institute of Fundraising recently estimated that the sector could experience a total loss of over £12bn as a result of the pandemic.

But in the process of our lives being ‘put on hold’; of shops closing down; of fundraising events being cancelled; of physical distance being enforced – we’ve learned how to survive in new and innovative ways. We’ve learned what it’s like to live in a world without all of the thrills.

And in the main, charities appear to have done exceptionally well in it. Income may have been lost and plans may have been changed, but new experiences, friendships, partnerships, products, funding sources and ways of both working and living, have all been found.

In the July issue of Charity Times, we explore some of these survival mechanisms, looking at how charity leaders are counteracting losses with an exceptional drive to bounce back.

Resilience is a key theme as we speak to Oxfam chief, Danny Sriskandarajah (p.21), about taking on – and holding onto – one of the most challenging roles in the sector, and ask charity leaders to share their plans for the future (p.24).

We hear from the CEO of Electric Umbrella, Mel Boda, on how her charity had one if its most successful fundraising week's during the pandemic (p.30), while Mark Evans explores the way in which businesses and charities have developed their relationships over the past few months.

Meanwhile, we round-up some of the latest news from across the sector, which has shone a light on the shocking levels of racism from across the charity space, and speak to the chair of City Bridge Trust, Dhruv Patel on how the trust is funding charities during such an emotionally and financially challenging time.

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